Fabrication (Welding)


Welding 10

In this exploratory course, students are introduced to oxyacetylene welding, electric welding and semi-automatic welding. Students become familiar with the use of cutting, bending, fastening and the welding process.

  • A fee is charged to cover the cost of personal safety equipment and project materials.

Welding 20A & 20B

Welding 20A specializes in the advanced training of varying welding types. Students develop theoretical knowledge and advanced skills of oxy-fuel welding, basic electric welding and gas metal arc welding. Students learn how to design a project involving cost estimation, parts breakdown, understanding structural strength, esthetics and client deadlines. Welding 20B extends student knowledge from Welding 20A. Students develop knowledge and skills relating to Oxy and Plasma cutting and the theory and practical understanding of flux core arc welding.

  • Welding 20B is not required to register in Welding 30A.

Welding 30A & 30B

Through the process of design and planning, students develop industry level skills in welding and fabrication applications for client needs. Students who wish to register in 30B are introduced to gas tungsten arc welding.

  • Students are required to provide their own safety glasses, welding gloves, and coveralls through all levels of the program. Glasses and gloves can be purchased through the instructor. A fee is charged to cover the cost of materials if the student wishes to take a project home.
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