Specific English Courses

English – Advanced Placement®

The ELA Advanced Placement courses are designed for students who enjoy a challenge and desire enriched experiences with texts. Students who register in these courses must have proficient writing and reading skills, and they must have strong interest in and enthusiasm for study in the English Language Arts. The literature, required writing, and pace of instruction, is more demanding than regular ELA academic programming. Following ELA 30-1 AP, students have the opportunity to register to write the internationally recognised AP Literature and Composition examination. Success in this exam may lead to Advanced Placement or Advanced Credit at many post-secondary institutions.

  • It is recommended that students who enroll in this course sequence have received a mark of 80% and above in ELA 9, ELA Pre-AP 10-1 or ELA 10-1,
  • ELA Pre-AP 20-1 or ELA 20-1, with teacher recommendation for sequence to the next course level.

English – (-1) Sequence

ELA courses with the (-1) designations are designed for students who have demonstrated strength in their use of language and their understanding of print and non-print texts. Emphasis is placed on preparing students to critically respond to texts. The ability to read and write well, to think critically and analytically, and to reason abstractly, is a definite asset for courses in this programming sequence.

  • Students who have achieved 65% and above in Gr. 9 English Language Arts and who wish to further pursue academic studies in university are recommended to register in this ELA programming sequence.
  • Courses include 10-1, 20-1, and 30-1

English – (-2) Sequence

ELA courses with the (-2) designations are designed to concentrate on the development and improvement of skills in the English Language Arts. It includes the study of literature as well as emphasizing successful interpretation of informational texts, persuasive texts, and visual texts. The aim of this programming sequence is to maximize opportunities for success in English Language Arts.

  • Students with achievements of 40%-64% in Gr. 9 English Language Arts and who are looking for opportunities for further skill development in reading and writing are advised to register in this ELA programming sequence.
  • Courses include 10-2, 20-2, and 30-2

English – Arts-Centered Learning

ELA courses designated by ACL designations, in addition to either of the (-1) or (-2) designations, are designed to enrich ELA outcomes through arts-based approaches, which include but, are not limited to such approaches as acting and singing or drawing and sculpting.

  • Formal applications are required in order to be considered for acceptance into this alternate ELA programming method. Please contact the school’s ACL Learning Leader for more information. Course recommendations are consistent with the (-1) and (-2) sequence.

English – Knowledge and Employability

ELA courses with the (-4) designations are designed to help students develop knowledge and employability skills, so that they may be prepared for employment opportunities immediately after high school.

  • Students enrolled in Gr. 9 KAE English Language Arts or who have a mark below 40% in Gr.9 English Language Arts, or who have difficulty achieving success in academic or general ELA classes and who are looking for opportunities for skill development, are advised to register for this ELA programming sequence.
  • Courses include 10-4, 20-4, and 30-4
  • This programming sequence does not qualify a student to receive an Alberta High School Diploma, but rather the Alberta Certificate of High School Achievement.
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