Physical Education

Physical Education supports students in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. Students gain experience within various physical activities assisting them in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Program Course Sequence

Program Overview

In Physical Education, students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. They develop life skills for the personal management of health, for the use of physical activity as a strategy for managing life challenges, and practice the ability to work positively with others. Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities such as: dance, games, gymnastics, individual activities, and activities in an alternative environment (e.g. aquatics, bowling, golf).

Course Evaluation 

Evaluation occurs during each activity unit and marks are calculated on a cumulative basis throughout the duration of the course.  Each unit of activity will be evaluated based on the criteria listed below. Percentile determination for each unit is predetermined and consistent for all teachers teaching Physical Education. (Self-Evaluation rubric is attached) 
Attitude & Leadership – attitude, sportsmanship, respect, encouraging, preparedness     
Effort – skill development, hustle, contribution in gameplay, attempting activities to the best of one’s ability   
Skill – demonstration of effective, sport-specific movements and spacial awareness during activity, demonstration of gameplay strategy & correct skill usage during activity       
Applied & Theoretical Knowledge – as demonstrated during game play and through discussion    

Service Hours

P.E. 20/30 students are required to complete 5 service hours. Volunteering has a positive benefit to students, school programs and the community. Opportunities will be made available throughout the year. Members of athletic teams will be credited with a maximum 2.5 hours for participation on school teams. Completion of service hours is compulsory. If service hours are incomplete the student will receive a mark of 40%, thus no credits earned. 


Transportation to all off-site location is provided by our school bus only!  Students missing departure times are not allowed alternative transportation and/or to drive themselves to the off-site location. They must remain at the school and follow their teachers’ directions/assignments. 

Fitness Centre 

Students who wish to use the fitness centre after instructional hours may do so by showing their ID cards. The fitness centre is open after school, Monday through Thursday. (Dependent on supervision by LBHS staff)

Physical Education 10

It has become increasingly evident that personal health and fitness is a key focus of attention within today’s society. Through a well-balanced introductory physical education course, we hope to contribute to the development of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of the individual student. Students will take part in a variety of team and individual activities, games, and fitness. Furthermore, students will explore activities in a variety of environments including: gym space, fitness centre, outdoor field, swimming pool, as well as a bowling alley. Note: Achieving credit in this course is required to receive a High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement.

  • A general course fee is required to cover the cost of off-site activities and guest instructors. Specific information will be relayed to students during the first week of the semester.

Physical Education 20 / 30

Students will continue to build on team and individual activities and take part in a variety of lifetime activities such as bowling, curling, golf, hiking, in-line skating, kayaking, racquetball, snorkelling, tennis, and other alternate fitness activities. All students are required to complete five (5) school service hours to earn credit for this course.

  • It is recommended that students enrolled in this course have received a mark of 65% in Physical Education 10. A general course fee is required to cover the cost of off-campus activities and expert instructors. Specific information regarding fees will be relayed to students during the first week of the semester.
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