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For those students that were not able to attend an EducationMatters' Student Award Presentation on March 3 in the East Courtyard (and as a refresher for those that were), they have created a condensed video presentation. The video is available on their website:

EducationMatters is currently proceeding as normal with respect to the student award process and application deadlines. We do recognize and understand that there may be some students that currently do not have access to the electronic resources (such as a computer and internet connection) required to participate in the online application process.   While we are uncertain as to how many students will be in this situation, EducationMatters wants to proactively address this situation to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to apply for student awards, regardless of current circumstances.   Any student who is currently without access to an electronic device should contact me at 403-817-7469 and I will make arrangements to personally assist them with setting up an account and completing their applications over the phone or arrange for another EducationMatters staff or volunteer committee member to assist them. You can also reach me by email to let me know that you have a student or students that require assistance and we will arrange to get in touch with them. To start, students will be scheduled for a one-hour window to work with me or another volunteer.   NOTE: Essays/written statements, reference letters, financial statements (tax assessments and written statement of financial situation) and all other documents should be sent to EducationMatters through the mail. Once received, EducationMatters will ensure that it gets attached to the appropriate application(s). EducationMatters will only be completing "factual" portions of the applications to ensure that the application process remains fair and equitable for all applicants – we will not be advising students on what makes a good application at this point of the process.   Everyone at EducationMatters is committed to supporting students through this situation and to ensuring that no students are left out.   Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. EducationMatters will continue to monitor the situation and will continue to keep you informed of any changes or important updates.   Take care everyone, 

Kathryn Schilman -

Bissett Bursary Program at SAIT and Bow Valley

·         Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need

·         Up to $13,000 or the full tuition cost to attend SAIT:

·         Up to $10,000 for tuition to attend Bow Valley College:

·         Students can re-apply and renew applications for funding

·         No deadline to apply as applications are reviewed regularly

Calgary Foundation Awards

Calgary Foundation also has a variety of scholarships available to students entering post secondary Sept/21.

Go to : and create an account to apply for awards.

Kids Cancer Care Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship

This award is a one time scholarship for childhood cancer patients or survivors of cancer.

Diagnosis must have occurred at age 18 or younger.

Student must be a resident of Alberta and must have applied to attend post-secondary Fall 2021.

Award value: $1500 applied directly to tuition | Deadline to apply: April 30th

There are many opportunities for students to earn and achieve financial support for post-secondary studies. 

Students should actively seek out and research all available financial support. They can see their guidance counselor for more details. As scholarships and bursaries have firm guidelines and application deadlines, students should leave themselves ample time to complete the application process. Students should make note of all deadlines and ensure they have all documentation in on time. There are many opportunities available for scholarship outside of Grade 12 as well. It is never too soon to begin to seek out opportunities and to apply. 

A scholarship is awarded first on the basis of academic achievement while a bursary is awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. Neither has to be repaid. More Information is available from Student Services.

Many post-secondary institutes and scholarship granting agencies, require references. Teachers and administration write many letters for students. Being specific in the purpose of the reference letter and ensuring students allow ample time to complete the letter is always very helpful and makes for a stronger reference in the end.

At Our School

A scholarship bulletin that lists available scholarships is posted on D2L and is posted on the Guidance Scholarship Board. Most scholarships are applied for in the Grade 12 year, however, Grade 10 and 11 students should plan ahead for their graduating year. Alexander Rutherford Scholarships are available to Grade 12 students pursuing post-secondary programs.

Beaverbrook Specific Awards 

  • Bissett Bursary Program – Through the Bissett Bursary Program, students will receive up to $13,000 in tuition over a two-year period to attend SAIT. See our Success Coach for further information. 
  • Education Matters Awards – see for further information. Emmalee Cherweniuk Award – $800  
  • George Morley Memorial Scholarship – $500  
  • Maureen Langston Memorial Award – $500 
  • M.Cecil Brownlee Bursary – $100-$500

Scholarship Preparation

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities, community service and volunteer work.
  • Most scholarship programs have other criteria attached along with academic excellence. 
  • Financial need is often a criteria. 
  • Know your Alberta Education number.  
  • Any student applying for scholarships must have a social insurance number. 
  • Parents should inquire about scholarships offered by their employers.  
  • make sure to file your taxes in a timely manner. 
  • Check websites and the awards section of post-secondary websites. Many awards have additional criteria or a separate application.  

Scholarship Timeline

  • October: apply to post-secondary institutions.  
  • November: start working on applications for the major awards 
  • December (Dec. 1): deadline for most major awards at the universities 
  • March (March 1): deadline for most post secondary awards. Attend the Education Matters presentation.
  • May (May 1 & May 30): deadline for Education Matters Scholarship 
  • July-August: applications for Alexander Rutherford open. Apply online through the Alberta Student Aid website.

Specific Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities for First Nations, Inuit or Metis students available at is one application for all of Indspire’s bursaries, scholarships, and awards (with a few exceptions that you’ll see below). You only need to complete the application once to be considered for all applicable bursaries, scholarships, and awards. September 2020 to August 2021 academic year.
Deadlines: August 1, November 1, February 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Grade 12 students are urged to create an account at the website. Scholartree can keep you up to date on all awards and scholarships you may wish to apply for.  You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities! If you are planning to attend post secondary, you should create your account with Scholartree ASAP.

Other Helpful Websites 

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