Academic Guidelines

Course Load – Spares

Grade 10 students must maintain a full course load (8 courses) achieving at least 40 credits; no spares.

Grade 11 students must register for and maintain a course load of at least 7 courses that would have the student achieving at least 35 credits. Students may have the equivalent of one full course spare during the full year.

Grade 12 students must register for and maintain a course load of at least 7 courses that would have the student achieving at least 35 credits. Students may have one full course spare during the full year. Only in specific circumstances may it be considered that a student be granted two full course spares, one in each semester. Requests would be considered on an individual basis, and reviewed by both Guidance and School Administration. 

Students in receipt of two full course spares must meet the following criteria: no issues related to school attendance; meeting stated expectation in the LBHS school code of conduct; proven record of student achievement; course load that will result in the student graduating with course credits significantly higher than a minimum of 100 credits.

Students who have a spare period in their timetable are not to interrupt classes in session. They must be in the Learning Commons for quiet work, in the student cafeteria, or leave the building.

Repeating Courses

Students who fail a course will not be permitted to repeat the same course within that academic year. Failing a course more than once may result in the school directing the student to an alternate method of course delivery or program. Students are not permitted to enroll in a course for a third time at LBHS. Grade 12 students will be enrolled in Grade 10 courses only in special circumstances (ELL; The Class).

Course Changes

Student timetables are created based on individual student course requests and high school diploma requirements. Students are expected to do the work required to be successful in each course and to attend their scheduled courses daily. Course change dates will be adhered to each semester. Course changes will not be considered after the course change date except under unusual circumstances via a conversation with counsellor, Assistant Principal, teacher, and Learning Leader. Parents/Guardians, and students will be consulted. Recommendations for course sequence are made by teachers based on the learning needs of the student and the desire for student success. If a course recommendation is not followed, there will be limited opportunity to accommodate course change.

Course Withdrawals

Course withdrawals will not be considered after the published course withdrawal deadline each semester. Students requesting withdrawal from a course must first meet with their counsellor to discuss the suitability of the request and to begin the appropriate process. In exceptional circumstances, it may be agreed between the Student, Teacher, Learning Leader, Parent, Counsellor and Assistant Principal after the published course withdrawal deadline that it would be appropriate for the student to be withdrawn from the course. 

Students are expected to attend the class until approval for the withdrawal has been granted via the process outlined above. Grade ten students are not allowed to drop courses, except in exceptional circumstances. If a student’s course load drops below minimum course enrollment, they may be removed from enrollment at LBHS for that semester. Course withdrawal dates will be adhered to each semester.

Course Challenges, Course Waivers

Course challenges and course waivers can be approved only through the Principal as defined in the Alberta Education Guide to Education. There are courses excluded from the challenge and waiver process. Along with portfolio evidence from the student, a consultation process including the Principal, Student, Parents, Counsellor, and Teacher is held to determine the student’s readiness. 

Students who are approved for a course challenge or course waiver are formally assessed by a certificated teacher, with expertise in the course, on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the learning outcomes of the Program of Studies for the course. For more information, see Guidance-Student Learning Services.

Course Transfer Points

Course transfer points between course sequences are set by Alberta Education and outlined in the Guide to Education. When considering course transfers between course sequences, students should seek the support of their Guidance Counsellor. Decisions to transfer between course sequences are made collaboratively between the Student, Parent, Guardian, Guidance Counsellor and potentially Learning Leader or Assistant Principal.

Passing Marks

50% is the minimum passing mark that entitles a student to move into the next course in that sequence.

While a final mark of 50% entitles a student to move into the next course in that sequence, doing so may not lead to student success. Teacher recommendations may differ from this and should be informed by review of:

  1. Attendance - regular or irregular pattern of attendance
  2. Assignments - achievement, quality and rate of completion
  3. Assessments of and for learning
  4. Writing - quality
  5. Meeting stated expectations in LBHS School Code of Conduct

Student transfers to alternate course sequences must align with approved course transfer points and policy as found in the Guide to Education.

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