​Engaging on School Budgets​​ and School Fees

Each spring, our school prepares a school budget for the upcoming school year and sets school fees for some activities and services. As we prepare the school budget, engaging with staff, parents and students is an important part of the process.

Watch for news and information on our website and in emails sent through SchoolMessenger. Another great way to keep informed is by attending our school council meetings.

In addition to news stories, we'll post information about upcoming engagement opportunities on this page. We'll also share feedback gathered at meetings and through online surveys on this page.

If you have any questions, please contact the principal. ​​​

School Budget Engagement

2021-22 School Budget and School Fees Survey Results:

 Q1: Tell us about your students(s)

 Grade Level(s) of students(s) attending this school (check all that apply)


Q2: School Budget

As the school plans for next year, and considering the budget information, what activities or programs are most important to you?

Below you will find all comments provided in the survey as they were written. Comments have not been edited for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, truncation or otherwise. Comments have been edited to ensure anonymity. We also edited or omitted abusive, discriminatory and otherwise inappropriate comments.

·         The classes and programs that build skills for the students to be successful in life are the most important. Classes such as life skills, parenting, cosmetology, home economics, nutrition, and career and technology are important to their success. Additionally, providing nutritious meals to the students and their children is a key component.

·         the ability for young mothers to attend and graduate high school

 ·         On site child care provided by ECE employees of Catholic Family Service. Wrap a round service. Life skills, financial literacy programs, parenting classes

·         All the programs that are offered at this school are so important for the wrap around care the families are provided

·         That students are offered the classes they need to graduate. As well as, knowing the unique demographic the school connects with, offering trade type classes for those that won't finish all the credits they need to graduate, but then have a skill they can use to get a job. For example, continuing to offer a cosmetology class as this is something many student love to take and can potentially get a job with after school. I think it is also important to offer classes that fit with what the students are going through, so classes on parenting and prenatal, and transition to adulthood. These are so important with what the students are going through.

·         I really value the partnership with CBE that enables us to provide wrap around services to this especially vulnerable population of pregnant and parenting teens and their children. Activities that are most important to me and most importantly the students we serve include the delivery of high quality learning resources, options such as cosmo and foods and the library program. CBE staff work from a trauma-informed approach that is sensitive to the unique needs of the students at Louise Dean. What is most important to me is having the staff resources to support the high quality programming that we are able to offer these young families.

·         access to supports, core classes, food security, healthy school community, option courses that interest students




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