Louise Dean School is an exception to the standard fee collection as set out below.  Our fees are charged directly to Learner Benefit and/or Child Services.  Activities and the associated fees contemplated for the for the 2020-21 school year are:

Field Trips:

  • Physical Education 
  • Cultural Experiences 
  • Social Studies 

In School:

  • Cultural Experience 
  • Museum Experience 

Course Fees:

  • Physical Education – Gym Strip
  • Cosmetology/Aesthetics
  • Fashion Studies
  • Art
  • Food Studies
  • Natural Science
  • Leadership
  • Photography
  • Parenting 1 and 2
  • Aboriginal Studies 
  • Graduation Ceremony

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​​​Fees will be charged to your MyCBE​ account beginnin​g in October.

Annual system fees are set each year when the operating budget is passed by the Board of Trustees.

It is important to know that we have a waiver process for families who cannot afford to pay the fees.

School-based and course specific fees may be charged by our school. You can find a complete list of the approved fees for your school on our Find My School Fees page. 

​Visit the CBE website for more information on fees and waivers​.​