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PositionName & Email

Mathew Powter
Assistant PrincipalEcho Miller

Teaching Staff

Grade/SubjectName & Email
KindergartenFrances Larose
Laura Rushton
Grade 1Kim Turn
Lisa deBoer
Natalie Lauchlan
Grade 2Sara Abbi
Lauren Munroe
Grade 3Peter Meiklejohn
Miriam Shustack
Grade 4Susanne Rose (Science)
Cheryl Setchell (Science)
Kiera Schultz (Science)
Jennifer Secord (GATE)
Grade 5Heidi Tanner (Science)
Glennis Houston (Science)
Paige Browne (GATE)
Grade 6Tyler Davidson (Science)
Emma Mackintosh (Science)
Neil Groves (GATE)
Grade 7Maureen Turner (Science)
Cathy Witmer (Science)
Christine Selzler (GATE/Science)
Dan Grunebaum (GATE/Science)
Roxanne Evans (GATE)
Iain Hotzel (GATE)
Grade 8Karen Davis  (Science)
Mirela Dixon (Science)
Mark Stranzinger (GATE)
Colleen Burkhart (GATE)
Grade 9Ben Wetsch (Science)
Dan Balkwill (Science)
Kerry Ball / Cindy Rowley (GATE)
Jeremy Janhsen (GATE)
Carolien Fourie (GATE)
Roxanne Evans (GATE)
Colleen Burkhart (GATE)
Phys. Ed. Myles Olsen
Sean Knight
Music/Band Tony Cavalleri
Visual Arts
Megan Soares
Tamera Olsen
Student ServicesRaluca Neamtu

Student Services

PositionName & Email
Administrative SecretaryCarla Hall
SecretaryVanessa Sadler
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