Feb 06
MId-Way Through the Year and Science Open House

The first semester is behind us and report cards for the first half of the year have been published. This week included two major events that allowed us to showcase the amazing science fair projects that our young scientists created, and we also invited families to our annual Science Program open house for prospective students. The turnout at the open house exceeded our expectations and we found ourselves rushing to set up enough chairs in our South gym to accommodate the demand. Families and students took in a presentation about our Science program and were then invited to explore our instructional spaces. Families examined the many samples of student work on display in the hallways and science fair projects in the north gym; stopped by the art room and foods lab for examples and samples of more student work; and met our staff and students who were eager to talk about our community of learners at Louis Riel School. Feedback from the attendees and the staff was that Louis Riel looks and feels like a school where students are challenged and encouraged to do their best by teachers who care deeply about their work (and still know how to make learning fun).  

The annual Science Fair and the projects on display were shining examples of what our young scientists are capable of doing. The variety of projects and the depth and breadth of scientific inquiry and discovery was truly impressive. As a new member of the teaching team and a first time science fair attendee and judge I can honestly say that I was not only awestruck, but I learned a lot as well. Thank you to all of the participants and their supportive families who helped make these projects a reality! 

We hope our students enjoyed their first half of the 2022-23 school year and are looking forward to semester two as much as we are. Thank you for being part of the community of learners here at Louis Riel School. 

Sep 28
Welcome to our school: Meet the Teacher night at Louis Riel

Hello Louis Riel Families,

I want to thank all the students and families who came to the school and helped make our Meet the teacher night on Thursday such a success. It was fantastic to see how well attended the event was and to finally be able to put faces to names! Our families started the evening by gathering outside to socialize and enjoy the food trucks organized by our council.  Families then came inside the school for a welcome message and to learn how and where they could meet our teaching staff. Elementary students went to see their classrooms and gym and our junior high students took their families through a mini timetable to meet all their teachers and see their instructional spaces. Student work, hallway art, department bulletin boards, team and individual athletics notices, and library items were all showcased throughout the school. Our leadership and Phys Ed departments set up a Bison wear store for students and their families to pick up shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts. I know I may be biased but it felt, sounded, and looked like a huge success to the staff here. We hope you enjoyed visiting our school with your students as much as we enjoyed hosting you.

Following our Meet the Teacher night, staff gathered on Friday to learn together about how to support literacy development and to identify goals and strategies for our School Development Plan. Every opportunity for Ms. Echo and I to work alongside our teachers to support student success confirms our belief that Louis Riel School is an exceptional place to teach and learn. 

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