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RT @Teach_McIntosh: The only way to end Grade 5 is with a huge water fight on a hot day! @WeAreLouisCBE @DMBoutette @Gr5ScienceKids

Congrats to the Turtles on their 2021 house cup win!!

Who’s going to take home the cup this year!?!? Winner announced Friday! 🐻 🐢 🦅 🐺 @WeAreLouisCBE

RT @Gr5ScienceKids: Our @WeAreLouisCBE Grade 5 students need help identifying this invertebrate from our pond dip. Can anyone help? @TELUS_Spark @kampkiwanis @CalgaryParks @cbescience

RT @mgstranz: @WeAreLouisCBE S’s modelling a scaled solar system “We used A.U’s, so 1 AU = 1m, it was easy and still showed the huge distance between planets.”