Physical Education

Grade 1-6 Physical Education & Wellness

The elementary Physical Education program (K-6) at Louis Riel School is an inclusive program that focuses on creating motivation, confidence, and physical competence. The knowledge and understanding that students acquire,  give them the foundation for purposeful skill development and application throughout life. They will experience a variety of safe, adventurous, and challenging physical activities that will help establish a sense of self-fulfillment while paving the way to an active and healthy lifestyle that merges mental and physical health.

Grade 7-9 Physical Education & Health 

Students in grades 7 - 9 will receive one hour of structured physical education or health lessons every day from Monday to Thursday. Due to our tumbling Friday schedule, students will receive PE every other Friday. 

Our physical education program is centered around creating an inclusive environment for all students to discover an enjoyment of physical activity while developing the knowledge and skills needed to live a healthy and active lifestyle long after they leave school. Throughout a variety of modules and experiences, students will practice problem-solving, strategy, and teamwork skills while developing a variety of movement skills along the way. 

Changing Policy

Students in grades 7 - 9 are not required to change for PE each day. However, students are required to wear clothing and footwear that promotes full participation. As students are encouraged to change for PE each day, each student will be given access to a changeroom and personal PE locker. 

If students are not coming to class in clothing or footwear that allows full participation, their teacher will ask them to change. This will be accompanied by communication with home asking for support.

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