Jun 21
Truth and Reconciliation Commitment

Hello Mahogany Families,

Today, in honour of National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are engaged in creating and taking action on our Truth and Reconciliation Committments (TRC). As a staff, in planning forward and building our Mahogany actions, we have been committed to including the Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework into our visioning. Staff have been working to create our TRC commitments as a starting point based on the work we have entered into. As we work together as staff, students and families, we will further build this work and action our community commitments together in September. Today we share our Mahogany TRC document as the starting point and will review regularily. We share our commitment today, on National Indigenous People's Day, as a symbol of our intentions and as beginning steps to work together toward, as the Downie Wenjack foundation states, reconciliACTIONS. We welcome you along the path of this journey as we build our Mahogany story together. Hand to Heart. 

Mahogany 2022-2023 TRC Comittment.pdf ​

Apr 28
Hello Mahogany School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am thrilled to introduce myself as the principal of Mahogany School.

I am currently the Principal of Sherwood School, where I have the privilege of working with many Mahogany families. As an educator with CBE for almost 30 years, I have had many teaching roles, from music specialist to upper elementary classroom teacher. My Leadership journey has been diverse, including being; Learning Leader with the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement, Assistant Principal at both Andrew Sibbald and Crossing Park Schools and Principal of Haysboro School. I bring a wealth of experience and expertise at the elementary level to this role with a strong background in elementary pedagogy, making learning visible through literacy and mathematics, assessment and curricular design. I have two children myself, one in Grade 12 and one in third year University, and have watched them both grow and thrive in CBE schools. I love being a Principal. Working with students, staff and families, uncovering curiosity and wonder through the eyes of students is an amazing way to spend each day.

Mahogany School is a flagship school for CBE and this community and the beginning of a new chapter. It offers us the perfect setting to write our story of learning together, uncovering creativity, inspiring innovation and creating cultures of thinking in our youngest learners, your children. Children come to school every day filled with joy and wonder, and I look forward to building a team of educators to fuel this passion in our students and building a school culture that nurtures unique learning opportunities with innovative practices, technology-rich environments and collaborative working practices that provide Mahogany students with the world-class education that families have come to expect from CBE schools and inspired by new beginnings and many ‘firsts’ as we build this learning community together.

As the principal of Sherwood School, I will continue to focus on my responsibilities there during the next couple of weeks and support this school’s transition to a new principal.

Starting March 7, I will be dedicated to the work of opening Mahogany School. In the months leading up to the new school’s opening, I will be doing many things to prepare. Some of that work will include meeting with parents and students, hiring staff, determining the organization of the school and preparing the school budget for the 2020-21 school year.

Mahogany School is expected to open in September and will offer regular programming to students in kindergarten to Grade 4. I am very excited to work with parents, students and staff to build a new school community that reflects the unique qualities of Mahogany and is a supportive and positive place for your children to learn.

For information on the new school and answers to some of your questions, visit cbe.ab.ca/schools, click on Building and Modernizing Schools, and click on the link for the new school in your community. Please check back regularly for updates as new information is posted when it becomes available. You can also e-mail cbecommunications@cbe.ab.ca with any questions related to new school construction and accommodation.

I am excited to begin this journey together and look forward to welcoming your amazing young children to collaborative and innovative learning experiences.


Tracy Kohan Principal

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