Dress Code

Mahogany School adheres to the CBE Administrative Regulation for Standards of Dress and Grooming.

Mahogany  School does not have a formal dress code. We believe that respecting students as individuals is our highest priority. School administration will work with students to determine guidelines, but until that is formalized by students after school start-up, we will adopt the following guidelines formulated by student voice at another school. The guidelines are:

  • Dress guidelines apply equally to all students.
  • Students are responsible for their own clothing choices.
  • No clothing will contain inappropriate (demeaning, swearing, racist) language.
  • Clothing must allow for full functionality while at school, including participation in physical activity.
  • Clothing must provide adequate coverage. Student-provided examples of clothing with inappropriate coverage include: extremely short shorts, shirts with the sides cut out, extremely short shirts, or shirts with extreme plunging necklines. Again, the students noted that these examples apply to all students. 
  • Hats are generally not encouraged, but will not be monitored by staff. Hats need to be functional and not distracting from student engagement in learning.
  • The classroom teacher(s) will be the primary contact for any discussions about dress.
  • Any conversation about dress should respect and honour the student.

Physical Education

Mahogany  School will not have gym strip for PE classes. Students are expected to make the right clothing choices which will allow them to participate in PE. It  is anticipated that all students will go to PE daily from Monday-Thursday and on alternating Fridays. In most cases, the clothes that the students wear to school will likely be adequate for PE class.


Like dress, footwear should provide functionality while at school, including PE class. Student are welcome to wear their choice of footwear, but must have runner-style shoes for PE. Please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear for Physical Education activities (for example: no flips flops or shoes that could easily come off while running), and we would prefer that they have a pair of these shoes that stay at school as ‘indoor’ shoes that can be worn during all indoor gym times especially during inclement weather when they may wear boots to school as their main footwear.


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