Illness & Medical


Please contact the office if your child will be absent or late. Call the attendance line at 403-816-3568 ext. 1 or email:

For more information, please see our Attendance page. 


Parents of students with severe allergies are required to advise the principal and classroom teacher at the beginning of each school year.  We must have emergency contact information, a recent photograph, and other information so that the school can have appropriate emergency procedures in place. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep this and all demographic information current. The school will make every effort to inform safe practices.

Nut-Sensitive School

We are a nut-sensitive school. The well-being, safety and behaviour of our students during the lunch period are the primary focus of our school’s lunch supervision program. All of our school staff have been made aware that although we are not a “nut-free” school, we have students who may have allergy reaction to peanuts. Prevention, of course, is the best approach for reducing the risk of any allergy reaction. We are requesting your cooperation in refraining from sending nut food products to school with your child. We realize that this request may pose an inconvenience for you when preparing your child/children’s snack and lunch, and we want to express our appreciation for your support and understanding.


Parents need to be aware that school personnel are NOT authorized to dispense medication to students without your written consent. 

If children are required to receive medication (including inhalers) during the day at school, the classroom teacher and office must be informed.  The correct authorization forms must be completed and signed and left at the office each year.  Students required to personally carry medication will need to have written authorization from a medical doctor.

Forms You Need 

Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form

  • This form is to be used when there is a student health issue regarding attention. This includes when there is a request to administer medication. 

Student Health Plan

This form is to be:

  • completed if a physical or medical condition may affect the student’s attendance at school
  • completed if medication is to be taken at school,
  • reviewed and updated annually or sooner if there is a change in the student’s health concern or school registration. 

School Nurse

Alberta Health Services supports our school community by providing nursing services approximately one-half day per week.  These services include the following:

  • Acting as a support and resource for students and families.
  • Providing health information to students, teachers and parents.
  • Providing immunization.
  • Acting as a resource about the common diseases of children.

If you wish to contact our school nurse you can do so by phoning our school office.

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