Patrol Club News

March 2021

Hello parents,

 The Manmeet Singh Bhullar Safety Patrols have been diligently working to ensure students’ and family safety while crossing the street before and after school. In order to continue providing this service for the community, parents are reminded to park vehicles outside the orange pylons. This allows city transit ample space to complete wide turns and maintain transit schedules.

 Parents of patrollers, please continue monitoring the patrol schedule to ensure patrollers are fully prepared for their patrol shift by arriving on time and dressed appropriately for the weather.



Mr. Harder, Mr. MacLellan, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Zentner

Sept 2020

Manmeet Singh Bhullar School’s patrol team, comprised of students and teachers, welcomes you to another year of patrols. Students in grade 5 and grade 6 volunteer to ensure everyone’s safety and assist community members crossings at the new desig-nated crosswalks located at Martindale Blvd and Martha’s Way. Students start as-sisting at 7:45 am until 8:00 am and then resume after school from 2:30 pm until 2:45 pm. Students who volunteer to help will be trained to set up a crosswalk, procedure for operating a cross walk to ensure a safe crossing for students as they walk to and from school.
In effort to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid-19, teams of Patrols are assigned based on their classroom cohorts. By keeping students in their classroom cohort, this eliminates additional exposure to COVID 19 transmitting to or from peers outside their classrooms. Patrol equipment will be disinfected after each use to further minimize the risk of exposure.
We look forward to a great year of patrolling.

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