Fall 2020

This term in music, students explored:

  • Using American Sign Language to sing
  • Using pitched and unpitched instruments
  • Simple and complex rhythm


  • Using gross motor skills (e.g. Hopping, dancing, mimicking animals) to emphasize steady beat, volume, and speed
  • Exploring sounds on unpitched instruments
  • Echoing rhythms using body percussion
  • Performing using different voice types (shouting, whisper, fast, slow, robot)

Grade 1/2

  • Examining composers from different time periods (Bach, Saint-Saens)
  • Performing rhythms using voice and instruments (rhythm sticks, egg shakers, bucket drums, and Boomwhackers)
  • Using movement to emphasize like and unlike sections in songs
  • Identifying and comparing sounds (high-low, loud-soft, short-long)

Grade 3/4/5/6

  • Using instruments (e.g. egg shakers, rhythm sticks, body percussion)
  • Identifying different music genres (reggae, salsa, mariachi)
  • Exploring simple and complex chords and strumming patterns with the ukulele
  • Examining composers from different time periods (Grieg, Mozart, Beethoven)

T. Harder Music Specialist

Sept 2020

Welcome back to another year of music at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School! To start the school year, students are learning to use instruments like body percussion, Orff , ukuleles, and bucket drumming. Students will also learn about other topics such as music analysis, composer studies and the evolu-tion of music from different time periods.

In effort to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid-19, each student has been supplied a music bag, labelled with their name, that contains instruments only they handle. As students enter and exit the music room they use hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing. Whenever instruments such as rhythm sticks are being used, they are disinfected between student use. Students continue to wear their masks in the music room and are encouraged to hum. As Alberta Health Services update Covid19 guidelines, adjustments are made in the mu-sic program to continue to meet Covid19 guidelines to ensure student safety while meeting curriculum outcomes.

I look forward to working with your students and developing their music skills.

T. Harder Music Specialist

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