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Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available
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Hub Learning Update for Families
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Re-Entry Plan for September Released
  • Mask Guidelines for Students and Staff Now Available

  • Hub Learning Update for Families

  • Re-Entry Plan for September Released

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Maple Ridge Weekly Update | Sept 25

Maple Ridge Weekly Update | September 25 
School Update 
To the students and families of MRS, 
You will notice a theme in our updates this week that we have made an effort to take our learning outside.  As students and staff have become more comfortable with the Maple Ridge Re-Entry Plan, we have been able to focus on creating learning experiences that allow our students to imagine, inspire, inquire, and innovate.  From exploration with light and shadow with an outdoor sundial experiment, to drumming, to Makerspace challenges, students at Maple Ridge have been able to engage in learning that is inspired through scientific thinking. 
We would also like to thank those of you who joined us this week for our first ever Virtual Parent / Teacher Conferences.  If you were unable to meet your child's teacher, they are always open to conversation, even if it is over the phone. Give them a call or send them an email. We want to work with you to support the learning of your child. 
Kind regards, 
David Laidlaw and Sandy McNeil 
Upcoming Important Dates 
September 30 Orange Shirt Day 
Sept 28 – Oct 2 Terry Fox Week
October 9 Non-Instructional Day (No Classes for Students) 
October 12 Thanksgiving Day (No Classes for Students) 
October 22 School Photo Retake Date 
Outdoor iLab 
Maple Ridge School remains committed to providing opportunities for the students to explore and learn through iLab challenges.  Fortunately, Mrs. Hildebrand has been able to establish an Outdoor iLab classroom for students to engage with a variety of materials and complete the Scientific process over the next few weeks. 
Kindergarten students will be using loose parts and natural materials to create simple repeating patterns.   
Grade one students will be using loose parts and natural materials to create Mandalas or circular designs that include patterns.   
Grade two students will be planning and building a home for their imaginary insect character.   
Grade three students will be taking a closer look at soil and creating sifters to divide the soil into 2 or more parts.   
Grade four students will be planning and creating an Alberta landscape model from either the past or present.   Mrs. Hildebrand is excited to be learning with the students this year as they continue to explore together. Outdoor Drumming Students in Grades 1-4 experienced Music class outside this week by playing African Djembe drums in the outdoor classroom. They practiced hand and body positions followed by Call and Response where the lead drummer calls to the group and students answered. Once they were proficient in the basics of drumming, students enjoyed making up their own rhythmic patterns for the group to echo.  Each lesson ended with a game of “Simon Says" where the leader plays a pattern for the group to repeat only when a student says 'Simon Says'. This challenged their focus and listening skills! You are encouraged to have your child tell you about their musical learning, or you could ask, “what is the secret code in drumming class?" Besides the pure enjoyment and joy in making music, drumming enhances the ability to focus the mind, stimulate cognitive development and release stress. It also increases self-esteem and results in a sense of empowerment and enhanced ability to focus. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the left and right hemispheres. Book Exchange Starting next week, students will be able to request library books from Maple Ridge's Learning Commons (iLab).  We are currently bringing a selection of books to the classrooms for students to choose from.  If your student would like to request specific books from our library, here's how: How to Request Library Books:  1. First use eLibrary to search for books in your school library. This link can also be found on the Maple Ridge School website 2. Then click on the following link Maple Ridge School Library Book Request and fill out the form to request specific library books.  Use the information from the eLibrary to fill out the form including:  
Student Name, Grade, Teacher and Student E-mail 
Title, Author and Call Number of the book 3. You can also log in to see your account which will tell you which books you have signed out and when they are due. Help for eLibrary is found within eLibrary under the “Using eLibrary tab". Here are some helpful videos about using eLibrary: 
Accessing eLibrary -     
Navigating eLibrary - 
eLibrary Quick search - 
Log into eLibrary and view My Account -   Terry Fox Run This year is the 40th Anniversary of Terry's Marathon of Hope. Maple Ridge students will be participating in their cohorts by organizing and taking part in a variety of fun and exciting “What's Your 40?" activities to get everyone active and involved. These activities may be physical in nature, or tied to math, literacy, science, you name it! On Friday, October 2nd we look forward to showcasing each classes' unique activities and sharing our fundraising accomplishments in our first school wide virtual assembly. Fundraising this year will be done online. Donations can be made at the Terry Fox site here.   Orange Shirt Day Orange Shirt Day (OSD) is an annual event that began in 2013 when Residential School survivor Phyllis Webstad shared how her orange shirt was taken away on her first day at Residential School. Phyllis' story provides an opportunity to reflect on history, discuss stories of survival, & share ways Canadians can work together for Truth & Reconciliation. Students at Maple Ridge are encouraged to wear an orange shirt on September 30th. Scientific Interest Did you know that a team of scientists at MIT are exploring the possibility of using viruses to make batteries? How wild is it to think that the power in your car could be from a virus.   Check out Future Batteries Could Be Made Out of Viruses 
Do you have an idea or a blurb for a Scientific Interest insert?  If so, please send an email to    ​

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Maple Ridge Students and Families - we miss you! Have a safe and relaxing summer. See you in the fall.

If you are planning on coming to the school on Wednesday to pick up personal belongings, here are some things you should know. Assigned pick up times, are by last name: A-F 8:30-10:30 G-M 10:30-12:30 N-S 12:30-2:30 T-Z 2:30-4:30

Thank you to those families who came out to the grade 1 celebration of learning today. They have been learning all about cause and effect by designing Rube Goldberg machines. They are then transferring their learning to what cause and effect looks like in an ecosystem.

Learning the science of wetlands and ecosystems today through drama. Thanks to @Evergreen_Th for inspiring our thinking and your creative story telling.

It was a #pinkshirt kind of day. Many of our students were engaged in fantastic conversations about the power of collective kindness. Way to go Maple Ridge!

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