Attendance Line: 403-777-6050 extension 1.

Staggered Lunch 

We have two lunch periods

  • 12:25 – 12:47 Group 1 Eats lunch and Group 2 goes out for recess 
  • 12:47 – 1:15   Group 2 Eats lunch and Group 1 goes out for recess

CBE staff are on site to supervise students in the classroom during the lunch hour. Students who live within the walk zone and/or ride the bus must pay a yearly fee as determined by the CBE. 

Lunch passes may be purchased in the office for part-time users.

Emergency lunch care is available for a $5 drop-in fee per day. You may contact the office at the number above regarding any lunchroom matters. Parents may order daily chocolate or white milk for their child(ren) at the end of September. 

Milk Program 

Milk forms go home mid-September so please watch for them.  Milk will start to be handed out Monday, September 30.

Fun Lunches

Fun Lunch dates for the 2019-20 school year are:

  • October 18 (Friday) 
  • November 15 (Friday)
  • December 13 (Friday) 
  • January 17 (Friday) 
  • February 21 (Friday) 
  • March 13 (Friday) 
  • April 17 (Friday) 
  • May 22 (Friday) 
  • June 12 (Friday)

Lunchroom Rules 

  1. Hands and feet to oneself. Limits play fighting and jostling about that often leads to more aggressive behavior.
  2. Inside voices and appropriate audience behaviors. Shows respect for others, sharing the space.
  3. Walk-don’t run. Ensures the safety for all in confined areas.
  4. No wandering about while eating-stay seated. This promotes cleanliness/courtesy.
  5. Display common courtesies and no obscene language. A way of expressing oneself in a learning environment or public place.
  6. Leaving your space as you found it. Taking ownership for your action.

No Glass Please

Glass containers (including water bottles) should not be sent to school with student lunches. Children do have accidents and glass is a safety hazard. 


It’s important that parents know that there are many children in the school who have severe allergies to various food items.  We have continued to make places in each room where children can eat food that includes peanut butter.  Please be sure that you remind your child to remember to take care, while in the lunchroom or at recess, to not share their food with others. See more on our Illness & Medical page.

Please enquire at our office to find out more about the School Council operated Fun Lunch.

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