We expect our school to be a safe and positive place for student learning. Our school has the following basic expectations:

  • Be respectful of self, peers, school staff members and guests, school, community and personal property.
  • Be responsible for your attitude, effort and behavior, attendance and punctuality, work habits, assignments and homework, textbooks and equipment, meeting the school and Calgary Board of Education expectations.
  • Be responsible for behaviours at school, coming to and from school and after school hours.

Children will be held accountable for their behaviour. Building a positive  relationship between students, parents and staff is important and valued at Marlborough School. Showing respect in the way we behave towards all people is valued, modeled and reinforced. Verbal “put-downs” and inappropriate language are not accepted. Safe play is encouraged on our playground and no pushing, hitting, kicking, shoving, etc. will be allowed.


All students, Grades Kindergarten to 5, have an agenda that goes home each day to be read and signed by parents. Students record their homework, special events, behaviour and other important information in the agendas making it a useful tool for organization and home/school communication. Daily use of the agenda helps students develop skills in the areas of:

  1. Organization
  2. Time management
  3. Independence
  4. Responsibility and ownership for their learning
  5. Communication with parents and teachers

When parents read, discuss and sign their child’s agenda each day, students learn that their communication and organizational tool is valued by both home and school. We strongly encourage you to make this a regular habit.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Wheelies and Scooters

Students who ride their bikes to school are required to walk them on the playground and lock them to the bike rack. It is the law for individuals under 18 years of age to wear bicycle helmets.

Skateboards, roller blades, wheelies and scooters are not allowed at school because of potential theft and accidents. The school assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen property.

Electronic Games, Devices and Cell Phones

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing any valuable items to school. When things go missing we do our best to investigate, however, it is important to remember the school has no insurance for lost or stolen items. Students should not bring anything to school that they could not stand to lose. Students are not allowed to purchase or trade items with each other at school under any circumstances.

Many students carry cellphones for safety reasons; however, we request that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Cell phones are turned off when in the building. (The school will not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of any such devices).
  • Students may return calls at the end of the day after checking with their teacher.
  • Students who are unable to comply with these guidelines will have their phone removed for the balance of the day.
  • At times, students may use their smartphones for learning purposes. A usage agreement needs to be signed by the student before they can use their phone in school.
  • If parents/guardians need to get in contact with their child throughout the school day, call the main office at (403) 777-8190.

Telephone Use

Please be aware that teachers in classrooms cannot be interrupted by calls from parents or students except in emergency situations as determined by the office staff.

A telephone is available in the office for student and parent use in the case of emergencies. If a student must use the phone they must ask permission from their teacher or the staff in the office.

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