Dress Code

School is a place of learning and deserves our respect. One way to show respect is by dressing appropriately. Use the following as guidelines:

  • Shirts that cover up – no muscle shirts, halter tops or spaghetti straps
  • Shorts and skirts that are long enough – use the fingertip test to make sure
  • Any advertising on clothing must be appropriate – keep the pictures and language suitable for all students and adults. (No obscenities in pictures or words and no references to weapons, drugs and alcohol.) When clothes are inappropriate students will be asked to change or parents may bring other clothes.
  • All students are to remove their hats upon entering the school.
  • To ensure that our students have a clean and healthy environment we require that our students have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. The children will be in the gym most days and so their indoor shoes need to be runners. Health regulations and fire drills make it necessary to be wearing footwear indoors at all times.
  • Students require a backpack to carry things back and forth between home and school.


For the comfort of others, refrain from using deodorants, perfumes, body lotions, etc. that have a strong scent.

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