Sports Club

The students at Marlborough have access to some different sporting clubs which might include intramural for each division or skipping club.  This is an opportunity to develop athletic skills, as well as a chance to be active and healthy.

Chess Club

Marlborough has both a division one and division two chess club which is highly popular.  The students learn to play the game of chess, as well as different strategies.  Our Chess Club participates in an annual chess tournament with other CBE schools.  This club teaches students how to be a respectful opponent as well as competitor! 

Garden Club

The Garden Club this year will be responsible for helping to develop our naturalization space.  They will have the opportunity to plant, and care for the plants in and on our school grounds.

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Desks have been wiped, shelves have been cleaned and furniture moved...Parents, tag you're it! But as you go into that well-deserved summer break please watch our staff's heartfelt (and somewhat cheeky) goodbye! #MarlboroughIsAmazing!!! ♥️

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. We post the following promise, our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. To understand, and make visible, student learning profiles as they relate to spirit, heart, body and mind. 💛❤️🖤🤍

When you have your first concert in almost 3years and the audience spontaneously cheers during the “welcome back” speech. ♥️🥹

Who LOVES lacrosse? @Marlboroughcbe does! ♥️🥍 Thank you @ELEV8Lax for the awesome@coaching, skill drills and fun this week! Just look at those athletes waiting for Coach Dan to say “go”! #WeAreCBE #MarlboroughIsAmazing

Our PD Day focussed on our Indigenous Education Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework. An amazing opportunity to dive deeply and explore spirit 💛 heart ♥️ body🖤 and mind 🤍#MarlboroughIsAmazing