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Welcome to Marshall Springs School

We are so glad you are at Marshall Springs School. Welcome! Our website explains the opportunities that our school offers you. Each of these opportunities is designed in alignment with the vision and mission of the entire CBE and Marshall Springs community. We want to inspire you; to be confident, to learn, to interact, and to grow so that you feel safe enough to take risks and make the most of your middle school experience. These years are all about you and what you have to offer the school, the community and even the world. The middle school schedule, activities, curriculum and atmosphere are all designed around the things that make middle school students unique. You make our school special.

Middle School Philosophy (we have created a school for your age group.) 

  • As middle school students, you are going through a lot of changes or transitions.  You’re no longer children and you’re not yet adults. This makes you quite different from elementary and high school students – in ways we appreciate.  We value all Middle School students and respect that you are now old enough to take responsibility for your choices and actions.
  • We have high standards for you because we want you challenged and to have a sense of achievement and satisfaction in life.  We also want to make sure you understand the importance of balance in your life, so we provide you with many opportunities to do things other than study.
  • We try to support you in ways that will improve your sense of self-esteem, since you are just beginning to develop a sense of who you will be as an adult.  We also want to make sure that you’re off to a good start both personally and academically as you head towards adulthood.
  • You come from all different cultural backgrounds. That is one reason why we talk so much about international awareness and understanding and why we encourage you to see yourself as part of a global community.  Both in the classroom and through leadership opportunities, you will begin to grow into your future roles as global citizens. Diversity is our strength.

Middle School Basics

Every organization needs common goals and beliefs to succeed.  Our middle school is an exceptional team of diverse individuals all working together for one another’s common academic and social goods.  In order for us to be successful, we need to agree on a common definition of success: Marshall Springs’s vision, mission, and core values. This is the Marshall Springs Way!!

Vision Statement

Our collective vision for Marshall Springs School is a safe, caring and high quality school where each individual can grow, can be challenged, can experience success, and can contribute to the strength and life of the school.


Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning.


Our purpose is to collectively create a learning community, which addresses the needs of each early adolescent learner.


  • Provide academic rigor (appropriate challenge) for you.
  • You can expect your teachers to model Professional Excellence and to serve you as a learner.
  • All adults in the school will work to provide Extraordinary Care for the Welfare of Each Child.

Essential Student Learning Outcomes

At Marshall Springs School, no matter what grade in which you are learning, your teachers are striving to help you meet the same learning targets.  We call these targets the Essential Student Learning Outcomes or ESLOs. We want the result of each learning endeavor to be aligned with the ESLOs. This helps your teachers know that you are reaching your true potential; you are growing in your abilities.

We believe that each middle school student should learn…

  • Exemplary character with the ability to work independently and with others
  • To be a critical and creative thinker
  • To engage in real-life learning opportunities and to act as a responsible, respectful, and understanding citizen
  • To effectively communicate both independently and with others in many ways:  speaking, writing, art, movement, music, math, technology

Our School Name

Our school is named after Marshall Springs, a man-made wetland located in Fish Creek Park close to the Evergreen community. There are many rich learning connections, including learning about water management, environmental stewardship, wetlands, and social, environmental, historical, and physical aspects of the area.

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​​​Our School's Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

We are committed to acknowledging and supporting the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 94 Calls to Action specific to education. Our school, along with all CBE schools, made a TRC Commitment to Action. On June 21, we renewed our commitment, which can be found under Resources.​​

Acknowledging the Land

We would like to acknowledge the traditional territories and oral practices of the Blackfoot Nations, which includes the Siksika, the Piikani and the Kainai. We also acknowledge the Tsuut’ina and Stoney Nakoda First Nations, the Métis Nation, and all people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta.​​

​​​School Development Plan

​Each year, our school prepares a development plan with input from teachers, school staff, students and parents. We review many sources of data, including report cards, provincial achievement test results and school surveys. Based on this information, we create our plan identifying targeted areas for growth. Our school development plan is not meant to represent all of the work that takes place in our school, but rather it focuses on specific areas for improvement.​​​

​​​​School Improvement Results Report

Our school also prepares a results plan, which looks at our previous school year. It shows our students’ achievement and progress in meeting the goals and outcomes as set out by the CBE and Alberta Education, outlines some of the highlights of our school development plan and gives an overview of our school. You can look on the CBE website for system-wide results​.