Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in clothing that is clean and in good repair. Students should not attend school in clothing decorated with felt pen drawings; slogans or any other kind of markings added after the clothing was purchased. Illustrations and/or words imprinted on any clothing should be in good taste. The principal, in consultation with staff, parents and students, will determine the bounds of “good taste.”  Shoes must be worn at all times in case of a fire drill. Clothes need to provide adequate coverage to meet conventional standards of modesty, and should not be revealing. Students will be expected to change if they violate dress code.

Physical Education Changing Expectations

Purchasing PE Clothing

Marshall Springs PE Clothing may be purchased through the student school fees on the students MyCBE / PowerSchool or through the main office.  PE clothing will be handed out by the HPE team in the gym on Monday and Wednesday at lunch hours in September in the Auxiliary Gymnasium.  It does take about 4 business days after purchase for  a list of purchased gym strip to been received by the HPE team. 

Changing Expectations

It is mandatory that all of our MSS students to change for their Physical Education class. Students may purchase the Marshall Springs PE clothing or they may bring in an appropriate change of clothes of their choosing.  We ask that students come prepared with an appropriate change of clothing for the activity planned, which includes outdoor activity year round.  PE classes will change plans to run inside if the weather drops below -20*C, however above that temperature will run as planned outside.  We ask that students bring appropriate footwear for the planned activity, for example running shoes for gymnasium and fall and spring outdoor activity and boots for outdoor winter activity. We also suggest that student keep a pair of warm pants and indoor bottoms in their locker so that they are ready for both indoor and outdoor participation.  Ensuring students are prepared with jackets (appropriate for the weather), snow pants in the winter, mittens/gloves and toque will also aid in their level of comfort when participating in winter outdoor activity.   

Physical Education Lockers

Students are provided with their own physical education locker in the change rooms located in the gymnasiums to store their change of clothes.  We ask that students only store clothing in this locker and use their Hallway locker for the rest of their belongings such as food, binders, backpacks and technology.

If a student has any concerns with changing in the change-room, they have been instructed to speak to their teacher as alternate arrangements may be made to ensure they feel comfortable in changing their clothing.

Jewelry In Physical Education

For student safety jewelry is not permitted during Physical Education (with the exception of medical alert jewelry).  We ask that students bring a small container to store any removed jewelry in their locker to keep it from falling into other lockers or the base of the lockers.

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