A change from elementary school is having your very own locker!  You have the privilege of a clean, functioning locker. Your homeroom teacher will supply you with a lock and tell you where your locker is.  Most of the lockers are close to your homeroom classroom, but some are not. The purpose of having a locker is so that you have a safe and convenient spot to store your belongings throughout the day.  Using your locker responsibly involves the following:

  • Using the locker that is assigned to you
  • Keeping your locker clean
  • Labeling all your personal items
  • Storing your belongings only in your locker and not in other school spaces
  • Safeguarding (not telling others) your combination


Locks for student lockers will be provided and assigned to students by their homeroom teachers on the first day of classes. There will be a fee of $10 to replace locks that go missing. Students are not able to bring their own locks from home. You will also get a lock and locker in physical education. 

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Friday marks the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac calendar — a symbol of strength, perseverance and hard work. Happy new Year to all those celebrating! #WeAreCBE