Personal Belongings

Lost & Found

You can model the Marshall Springs Way by helping to return belongings to their owners.  Any property lost/found in the school should be brought to the office where “lost property” may be claimed. Student names should be written on articles wherever possible. Lost clothes are kept just inside the office door. In the case that you are missing something, the Lost and Found is one of the first places you should check. The PE office also has a Lost and Found for items that are collected in the locker rooms or on the sports field. Items in the lost and found that are not collected are donated to charity after each set of parent-teacher conferences.


You are welcome to ride your bike to school.  Please be respectful of our busy campus and once you reach school grounds, please walk your bike to avoid collisions with other students and/or vehicles.  Your safety matters! Bicycle racks are provided at both the front and the back of the school. Students are strongly advised to use bicycle locks, as your bike’s security is your responsibility.  You are reminded that by law you are required to wear a bicycle helmet.

Skateboarding and Rollerblading / Other Wheeled Transportation Safety

We are a busy campus and we border a very busy road.  Skateboards, rollerblades, scooter and heely shoes, are NOT permitted inside Marshall Springs.  Students bringing these items to school will be asked to lock them up outside in the provided racks.

Cell Phones / Personal Listening Devices / Gaming Devices / Cameras

Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan and an Acceptable Use Policy that addresses the appropriate use of electronic devices at school. 

The skillful ability to communicate, collaborate and connect is a key component of learning. Although there is no requirement for students to bring personal devices to school, we understand that cell phones and other personal devices can play an important role in a student’s life and in learning. Teachers and students will maintain ongoing conversations about digital citizenship as well as recommended educational applications and how their use can improve student learning and achievement at Marshall Springs.

If a student is found using their devices inappropriately, during school hours, these items will be confiscated and the student will be permitted to collect them from the office at the end of the school day.  If there are subsequent issues around the use of these articles during school hours, parents or guardians will be required to meet with school administration. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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