Cross Country

Season of Play: Sept. 1 - Oct. 14, 2022

**There will be a sign-up meeting on Wednesday, September 7 in Room 184 (Foods Room) at 11:30am for any students who are wanting to run on the Cross Country Team this year**


  • Ms. Drisdelle, Mr. Stahl, Ms. Keashly, and Ms. Hartling

Team Practices

  • Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school starting at 3:20pm. Athletes should meet their coaches in the foyer outside the main gymnasium. Please come prepared to be active each practice.

South Meets

  • September 14 at Stanley Park
  • September 20 at North Glenmore Park 
  • September 26 at North Glenmore Park
  • Alternate date if a meet is cancelled:
    • October 5 at North Glenmore Park

Team Documents

  • Acknowledgment of Risk Form
  • Cross Country Parent Letter

Team Information

Age Groups/Name Tags:

  • Youth: Grade 6 (Born 2011)
  • Junior: Grade 7 (Born 2010)
  • Intermediate: Grade 8 (Born 2009)
  • Senior: Grade 9 (Born 2008 or earlier)

Each school must supply every runner with a name tag. Small file folder labels work the best for this. Please include the student’s name, division, and school number (see example below) clearly on each label.

Morris - Sr. Boys - 'School #'


  • Youth: 1,000 to 1,500m
  • Junior: 1,000 to 1,500m
  • Intermediate: 1,000 to 2,000m
  • Senior: 1,500 to 2,500m
    • *distances vary by location

Start Times

  • The course should be set-up by 4:30 and students are able to walk the course at this time.
  • Course closes to athletes at 4:45 – all athletes should be off the course by this time.
  • 5:00 pm start time – no earlier than 5:00 please.
  • 10-minute intervals between races, or earlier at meet director’s discretion. Coaches should have all athletes ready to run as soon as the previous group has started. The order for the races are as follows: Youth Girls, Youth Boys, Jr. Girls, Jr. Boys, Int. Girls, Int. Boys, Sr. Girls, and Sr. Boys.

Scoring and Awards

  • First 2 Meets: Results will only be posted on the tri-folds at the meet – a picture will be taken of each tri-fold and emailed out to coaches.
  • Division Final meet:  Only the top 5 runners from each school will be scored. It is not mandatory to have 5 runners.  Each runner scores points for their school in relation to all other runners that he/she places ahead of. For example, in a race of 100 runners:
    • 1st place = 99 points
    • 2nd place = 98 points                
    • 100th place = 0 points                            
  • The teams with the highest number of points in the Youth Girls, Youth Boys, Jr. Girls, Jr. Boys, Int. Girls, Int. Boys, Sr. Girls and Sr. Boys divisions will be eligible for banner recognition.
  • Girls Aggregate and Boys Aggregate titles use a different point system. Teams that finish first are awarded 1 aggregate point, second place gets 2 aggregate points, third place gets 3 aggregate points, etc. The school with the lowest number of aggregate points across all three boys divisions (Jr. Boys, Int. Boys, Sr. Boys) wins the Boys Aggregate title. The same formula applies for the Girls Aggregate title. Note: Youth results will not be counted towards the aggregate titles as not every school has a Youth team.
  • The overall aggregate title is calculated by adding the boys and girls aggregate scores together for each school. The lowest number of points wins.
  • If, for example, a school had their six teams place as follows; Jr. Girls – 5th, Jr. Boys – 10th, Int. Girls – 20th, Int. Boys – 2nd, Sr. Girls – 15th  and Sr. Boys – 5th, then their boys aggregate score would be 17, their girls aggregate score would be 40 and their overall aggregate score would be 57.


  • Portable toilets will be brought in for all meets.
  • Please talk to athletes about not using the surrounding park area as toilets.


  • Please encourage your athletes to pick up after themselves and leave the site in better condition than when they arrived. Coaches should bring garbage bags for your team to help collect garbage.


  • Please ensure that your athletes are prepared for any weather conditions. Athletes should be encouraged to wear school gym strip or colours during the meets.


  • Please impress upon your athletes the need to be environmentally conscious in their treatment of the flora/ fauna in the parks that we use – exercise respect.
  • Please emphasize good sportsmanship to avoid unfortunate incidents and disqualifications.
  • Running spikes are allowed.
  • Schools need to ensure that CBE Duty of Care ratios are met at the meets.
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