Dress Code

Students are required to dress and groom themselves appropriately for learning. Students deemed to be dressed inappropriately may be sent home to change, or will be provided with a “change of clothes”.

Clothing deemed to be inappropriate inside the school includes:

  • Hats and headwear including hoods up (unless for religious observance)
  • Muscle shirts
  • Spaghetti strap tops or low cut tops
  • Short tops that allow the midriff to show
  • Inappropriate symbols or wording on T-shirts
  • Pants which allow the midriff to show
  • Short shorts or short skirts
  • Underclothing that is visible

Gym Strip

Grade 7 and 8 students will be required to change into proper gym strip and running shoes for every Phys. Ed. class. McKenzie Highlands gym strip (T-shirts and shorts) may be purchased from the Phys. Ed. Department.

All Phys. Ed. clothing should be clearly identified with the owner's name.

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