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Mrs. Katie Rupert

Mrs. Catharine MacKenzie

Grade 1

Mrs. Andrea Smith

Mrs. Kelly Talerico

Ms. Lise Watkins

Grade 2

Ms. Shannon Lloyd

Mrs. Deb Cutler

Ms. Kristen Carlton

Mrs. Sarah Dreger

Grade 3

Miss Shanley Skunta

Mrs. Helen Huurman

Mrs. Anne Mouck

Mrs. Christina Hill

Grade 4

Ms. Sylvia Areny

Mrs. Jennifer Horder

Mrs. Carol-Anne Wilson

Miss Justine Stone

Enhanced Education Support (EES)

Ms. Jessica Adams

Mrs. Julia Cabral/Mrs. Laurel York

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RT @UsihChristopher: Province seeking feedback through a survey (link embedded in document). “The feedback will help us refine the draft K-6 curriculum before it is implemented across the province. All elementary students will be learning from the new curriculum in 2022-23.” https://t.co/YulPHp7Iyc

RT @Andrea_sm3: Our grade 4 HUB buddies and Miss. Stone taught us how to make catapults as part of their study on simple machines. @mckenzie_lake @Justine18836875 #wearecbe #cbehub @dmmccomish @KenzieRushton https://t.co/oBPQ0vBdsP

Thanks to School Council for providing supper on own Student Conference evening. Our teachers are so appreciative!! @MLSCommunity @dmmccomish @MckenzieKinder1 @sarahdreger2 https://t.co/Rh3F852ira

RT @MlsSkill: Our EES classes have been working hard to make their own story based on "Dear Zoo." They are superstars at recreating their sentences in our predictable chart writing work! @mckenzie_lake #wearecbe #inclusion https://t.co/TnGIjyR9Yu

What a fun day it was!! https://t.co/AJ2gx21B8J