​​​Our CBE Student Code of Conduct and CBE Progressive Student Discipline regulation apply to all of our students. They outline the roles and expectations for our students to promote positive and inclusive learning environments, help students to develop empathy and become good citizens both within and outside of the school community, and explain the consequences when a student’s disruptive behaviour negatively affects the learning environment.

Our CBE Employee Code of Conduct applies to all of our employees. The CBE maintains high standards for the conduct of its employees, and expects them to conduct themselves honestly and with integrity and exercise common sense, good judgement and discretion.​​​​

Code of Conduct

McKenzie Towne School Expectation Policy

The purpose of our expectation policy is to develop a common understanding among school staff, parents and students. The intent of any action taken is to learn from our mistakes. An atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and understanding between all parties is the most productive way of making this learning effective.

A consistent approach to behavior by school staff, students, and parents has resulted in students knowing, and following,
expectations at McKenzie Towne School.

Everyone Does Their Part

The teacher establishes clear expectations, models appropriate behavior and attitudes, reinforces correct behavior, and is alert to the student who needs assistance. The student is aware, understands and follows expectations to help maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment. Students model appropriate behavior for others in the school. The parent supports, cooperates, provides input and models behavior and attitudes conducive to their child’s learning.

School Rules

  1. The bell means that school has started. Students are required to enter the building promptly. Teachers are in charge of student entry.
  2. Students who are reported absent by the homeroom teacher and then arrive late are asked to check in at the office for a late slip.
  3. Students are to use trashcans located by the playground and at the doorways.
  4. Students are to use the creative playground in a reasonable manner (supervisor’s discretion). The climbing of the backstops, gates, electric box, etc. is not allowed. Students are to remain visible to the supervisors.
  5. Students must remain on the playground during recess.
  6. Parking lot and front lawn are off limits.
  7. Snow and rocks are to remain on the ground. 
  8. Students should leave hardballs, lacrosse sticks and hockey sticks at home.
  9. Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually. 
  10. Students are expected to be clean and tidy in personal care and be appropriately dressed i.e. no offensively worded or illustrated T-shirts, cropped tops, halter tops, spaghetti strapped shirts or bare mid drifts shirts are to be worn. Hats are not to be worn in the school. 
  11. Students being picked up during school hours are to be met at the office and signed out by the adult.
  12. Walking and other sensible inside conduct is required in the hallways. When moving between classes, students will move in a quiet orderly manner down the appropriate side of the hallway. 
  13. Students are encouraged to use washrooms and fountains prior to the dismissal bell at recess. 
  14. Activities cease when announcements are being made on the intercom. 
  15. Classrooms and cloakrooms should be left in a neat condition.
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