Teacher Pages & Blogs

Online Teacher Pages & Blogs are designed to promote effective communication between school and home including messages from the school and upcoming events at MTS, celebrate student learning, provide a behind-the-scenes glance into the happenings in your child’s classroom, help students organize homework and assignments, and build responsibility in each student. Teacher Blogs are updated weekly on Fridays. Please be sure to check them every week!

View Our Staff page if you are looking for a full list of our teachers and administration.


Mrs. Fell

Mrs. Rupert

Mrs. Watson

Grade 1

Mrs. Burch

Mrs. Carter

Mrs. Larmer

Mrs. Janisse/ Mrs. Webber

Grade 2

Mrs. Holt

Mr. Klasen

Mrs. Pynn

Mrs. Sharma/Mrs. Penford

Grade 3

Mrs. Coleman

Mrs. Bossenberry

Mrs. Penner

Mrs. Kruger

Mrs. Thomson

Grade 4

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Siarkiewicz

Mrs. Phelan


Ms. Morgan
Phys EdMr. Van Sluys
EESMs. Havkin/Mrs. Lutheran/Mrs. Vinkle

Google Classroom

In addition to our Teacher Pages & Blogs, McKenzie Towne teachers will be using the online platform Google Classroom as all teachers are expected to have a digital presence to support students who are required to isolate at home during the ongoing pandemic. This is also the tool that will be used in the event that we are required to move online either because a class and teacher are required to isolate or there is a move to scenario two or scenario three per instructions from the Alberta Health or Education ministries. Google Classroom enables teachers to communicate with their students as well as assign and distribute assignments and work in a safe, manageable, and an appropriate way. If a student is away for Covid-19 related reasons, they can login into Google Classroom to complete assignments from home. Please note that at this time we are not using this as an additional home study environment or as an alternative to classroom instruction. If you have any questions about this or would like more clarification, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s classroom teacher or the principal.

Students have been added in the ‘classroom’ using their CBE G Suite ID (username@educbe.ca). Students should have already brought home their username and password to share with parents. Please login and take a look at your child’s Google Classroom. If you are unable to login please contact your child’s teacher for assistance. 

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