Oct 16
Weekly Update, October 16th, 2020

Dear Midnapore Families, 


We hope this message finds you warm and dry.  We know we have been so fortunate to have such a warm fall.  As the weather starts to get colder and snowier please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately.  Teachers will continue to take students outside daily for learning and physical activities.  


Each year, CBE schools work to create a School Development Plan (SDP) and this year Midnapore School’s SDP will have two main goals.  Our first goal will be to focus on improving students understanding and application of content specific vocabulary.  Midnapore’s second goal will focus on improving student's wellbeing by working to establish meaningful relationships between students and staff members.   


It was evident last week when students were focusing on, “What are you grateful for?”, that many relationships between students and staff have been established and are flourishing.  When asked, many students spoke at length about how thankful they were to be back at school and how much they liked their teacher.  Discuss with your child about the relationships they feel they are forming at school with other students and staff members. Who are the specific adults that they feel they can go to if they need help or support?  What strategies do they use when they get “stuck” with something?   


Over the last few weeks teachers have started focusing on content specific vocabulary and in many classes, we have seen word walls and vocabulary banks started.  Developing content specific vocabulary provides students greater access to engaging with different aspects of the curriculum.  For example, if a student is tackling a math problem and understands that adding, counting on, sum, combine, join, etc. means to “add” they can approach problems more confidently.  Ask your child about important or key words they have learned recently.  Throughout the year we will consistently revisit these two goals and are confident that we will see gains in our students as a result.   


Enjoy the weekend. 


Jean Hugill and Melanie Bennett 




  • Attached are two documents that we would like you to be familiar with.  One is the “COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist” provided by AHS.  Please use this tool daily with your child(ren).  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.  The second document titled, “Student Illness” outlines what families are responsible to do if a child(ren) is exhibiting symptoms.  


  • Please remember to send your child with a clean face mask every day. As well, we are not permitted to hand out cutlery to students.  If you child’s snack or lunch requires a spoon or fork please send it with them. 


  • On Thursday October 29th we will be having a costume day at school.  Students are welcome to wear costumes for the day (if they choose).  More information will be sent home by teachers in the following week. 


  • Friday Oct. 30th is a Professional Development Day for teachers and there is no school for students. 




Oct 16
Weekly Update, October 9th, 2020

Dear Midnapore Families, 


We have enjoyed yet another fantastic week at Midnapore.  If you have not had a chance yet, please take time over the weekend to watch the video posted in your child’s Google Classroom.  It showcases some great work and student voice. 


This week at Midnapore we focused on a theme of “Gratefulness”.  Each day students took time to reflect on what they were grateful or thankful for in their lives.  Throughout the week I met with classes and students shared that they were thankful for: 

  • “My sister, because she will play and laugh with me”. (Gr. 1 student) 

  • “That I can play outside with my friends.” (Gr. 1 student) 

  • “I am grateful for my cousin.” (Gr. 1 student) 

  • “I am grateful for my school and pizza.” (Gr. 1 student) 

  • “My cat Milo.  I love when my cat snuggles with me.” (Gr. 3 student) 

  • “My family and friends, we love to watch movies and play games together”. (Gr. 3 student) 

  • “My amazing mom, she makes the best food.” (Gr. 3 student) 

  • “Books.  I love Phoebe and the Unicorn.” (Gr. 3 student) 

  • “My big loving family that is always there to help me.” (Gr. 4 student) 

  • “That we can come back to school.” (Gr. 4 student) 

  • “My family, because they help me and school because I can learn.” (Gr. 6 student) 

  • “The beautiful weather.” (Teacher) 

  • “My health.” (Teacher) 


Many classes also took time to do writing connected to this theme.  When reflecting upon a drawing that a grade 4 student had done, she answered the prompt, “This is a picture of what I am grateful for.” with the following: 


  • “I am grateful for my dad because he always helps me and really takes a moment to think about my problems then he gives me a solution.  I am also thankful for my mom because she packs my food and helps with my social life which is extremely helpful.  My friends! How could I forget them? They are so kind.  I don’t even know how I lived without friends! Anyways, there is still one more thing I am grateful for......*drumroll* it is fiction books of course.  They take me to a land with magic creatures and excitement.  Who couldn’t love them (no one)?  Those are just some of the things I’m thankful for (I just couldn’t write them all). 


The voice of this student really came through in her writing and the picture accompanying it was excellent.  


Students also spent time this week celebrating the ongoing amazing work of Mr. Ade and Mr. Jerome, our Facility Operator and Cleaner.  Each class created a poster or cards recognizing their hard work and our appreciation.  Students wrote the following messages on the cards and posters: 


  • “Thank you so much for keeping school clean and safe.” 

  • “Yah! Yah! Thank you for all your work.” 

  • “Thank you for keeping the school COVID-19 free and making our lives more safe! Wow! 18 rooms in one day! That’s a lot.” 

  • “Thank you for cleaning our school.  Thank you for sanitizing everything. Thank you for keeping our school clean and safe.” 

  • “Thank you Mr. Ade and Mr. Jerome for cleaning and making our school, classroom and desks sanitized.”  


Over the weekend we would encourage all families to spend time together talking about what they are thankful for.   


Enjoy the long weekend! 


Jean Hugill and Melanie Bennett 


  • Attached are two documents that we would like you to be familiar with.  One is the “COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist” provided by AHS.  Please use this tool daily with your child(ren).  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.  The second document titled, “Student Illness” outlines what families are responsible to do if a child(ren) is exhibiting symptoms.  


  • Please remember to send your child with a clean face mask every day. As well, we are not permitted to hand out cutlery to students.  If you child’s snack or lunch requires a spoon or fork please send it with them. 


  • No School Monday October 12th 


  • No School Friday October 30th   



Oct 04
Weekly Update, October 2nd, 2020

Good Afternoon Midnapore Families, 


We hope that you can enjoy some of this nice weather throughout the weekend! 


We continued to celebrate and recognize many wonderful learning opportunities this week at Midnapore School. 


Please ask your child what they learned about the Mid Autumn Festival.  When we asked students today about this celebration students told us“People gather and eat moon cake and look at the moon together.” and, “This is a time to celebrate with everyone.”  Although classes could not host parents in the school this year many students did share that they brought moon cakes in for a special snack.  Many students that we spoke to also told us about a legend that is connected to the Mid Autumn Festival and there have been many pieces of art put up around the school reflecting this legend. 


Another day that was recognized this week was Orange Shirt Day.  Many staff and students participated in this day by wearing orange to school and talking about the importance of Reconciliation. After asking a grade 3 student, “What is Orange Shirt Day?” she said, “Orange Shirt Day is a time to think about kids that had to go to school without their parents and a time to talk about how we can be kind to each other.”  There are many “Orange Shirts” posted around the school right now with messages that say things like: 

  • “Wearing a mask is kind because you are helping other to not get sick.” 

  • “Showing a smile is a way to be kind.” 

  • “Be Kind Always.” 

  • “Help others who are hurt.” 

  • “Everyone should be loved.” 

  • “Have courage and be brave.” 


Today while visiting a grade 3 / 4 class we heard Mrs. Reyes share a response written by a student who was working on their ‘Making Connections’ Reading Power.  The ‘Making Connections’ reading strategy is very powerful because it can help students make meaning out of text by connecting to their own experiences and background knowledge.  After reading, ‘This Moose Belongs to Me’ the student wrote: 


  • “I got a connection from when the main character in the book was in a perilous situation.  I was in a perilous situation when my mom, my sister and I were walking back to the parking lot after our day at camp.  When I saw the elevator I had an idea.  I said to my mom and sister, “What if we had a race?  Like you guys take the stairs down to the parking lot and I take the elevator.”  So I raced to the elevator without asking my mom for the button to press......Bad. Very Bad. Super Bad. Idea. Okay, back to my elevator situation. So when I entered the elevator the doors closed behind me.  I suddenly regretted the thing I just did very very VERY bad.  So when the doors closed behind me I kinda panicked....I pressed all the buttons (except for the emergency one).  As the elevator was going down my mom heard me through the walls screaming, “MOMMY!!!!!” (I was seven ok).  When the doors of the elevator opened I had landed on the right floor!!  even my mom was standing right in front of me!  And I was still ok! (never press every button in an elevator.) 


What an amazing reading response!  This student did an exceptional job of explaining her sticky situation in such a vivid manner that her classmates were able to visualize what had happened to her and have a thorough understanding of her connection to one of the main characters.  If you are reading with your child this weekend them encourage them to work on the reading strategy, ‘Making Connections’ by asking, “What does this story remind you of?” or, “Can you connect this story to anything that has happened in your life?” 




  • Attached are two documents that we would like you to be familiar with.  One is the “COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist” provided by AHS.  Please use this tool daily with your child(ren).  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.  The second document titled, “Student Illness” outlines what families are responsible to do if a child(ren) is exhibiting symptoms. 


  • School Photo Day is next Tuesday, Oct. 6th.  Please send your child with their best smile!  HUB families are welcome to bring their student(s) for photos during the following timeslots: 

  • Last names A – L from 2:50 to 3:10 

  • Last names M – Z from 3:10 to 3:30 


  • Please remember to send your child with a clean face mask every day. As well, we are not permitted to hand out cutlery to students.  If you child’s snack or lunch requires a spoon or fork please send it with them. 


  • All teachers have invited students to their Google Classrooms.  If you have not yet visited your child’s Google Classroom please do so ASAP.  It is important that all families can access their child's classroom.  If you are having difficulties with this please contact your child’s teacher.  


  • Student Demographic Forms were sent home two weeks ago.  It is imperative that we have current contact information for the unlikely event that we need to contact trace.  All forms must be signed, dated and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible even if no changes have been made to your information.   


  • If you have any Midnapore Home Reading books from last Spring, please return them to the school ASAP. 


Enjoy the weekend! 


Jean Hugill and Melanie Bennett ​

Sep 18
Weekly Update, September 18th, 2020

Dear Midnapore Families, 


We have enjoyed another week of school and ended today with a beautiful fall day.   


Although we were not able this year to participate in a whole school Terry Fox event many classes used their gym time to run a route in our school field.  It was heartwarming to see so many red faces after students worked hard to stay moving for the entire time.  Kids get such joy from just running freely.  This weekend ask your child about Terry Fox and any key learning that stood out to them from conversations they had at school this week.  Important themes such as bravery and persistence were discussed.   


Students also continued to spend time learning and engaging in activities outdoors.  Everyday objects can be collected and used to express ideas and stories.  Even older students enjoy exploring and interacting with objects found outside.  This morning at the crosswalk we were greeted by a grade 6 student carrying a large pile of leaves to school that he wanted to use for an art project.  Ask your child what they enjoyed doing outside at school this week.   


We know that things look different at school.  This week we interviewed some Grade 1 and 6 students and asked them, “Can you explain what is the same about school?” and, “Can you explain what is different about school?”  These statements stood out: 


  • “We still get to see our friends.” 

  • “We get to see our teachers.” 

  • “I think a lot of things are the same, the only thing that has really changed is that we try to keep distance from each other.” 

  • “We are spending more time outside, which is my favorite thing, it is special to be with nature.” 

  • “We are learning that you really have to take things one day at a time.  Today is today, and tomorrow could be different.” 

  • “In math, we’ve been doing similar things, just more independently than last year.” 

  • “Last year we were at tables and this year I have my own desk.” 

  • “We are still doing Go Noodle, which is my favorite thing.” 




  • Next Friday will be our “Virtual Meet the Teacher” day.  Parents will use their, My CBE Power School account to book an appointment with their child’s teacher.  The My CBE Power School Conference Booking System opens to parents on Saturday September 19th, 2020 at 8:00AM. Please visit www.cbe.ab.ca/mycbe to book an appointment. If you are having trouble booking a conference, please call the office next week.  


  • This conference is an opportunity for you to share with the teacher the unique learning needs of your child.  Please email your teacher directly with the preferred phone number that you have for the teacher to call for this conversation before 4:00 PM Thursday September 24th, 2020.  As this conference is intended as an opportunity to share about your child learning needs, we would ask parents to limit questions directly related to COVID-19.  If you have any questions about COVID procedures at Midnapore School, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hugill or to me, Mrs. Bennett. 


  • HUB families:  Conferences for HUB students will be scheduled at a later time.  Please do not book conferences next Friday.   


  • We know that many families are curious as to how our school is operating on a day-to-day basis given the new COVID regulations.  We are currently working on a “Welcome Back” video and hope to share it with you next week.   


  • Attached are two documents that we would like you to be familiar with.  One is the “COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist” provided by AHS.  Please use this tool daily with your child(ren).  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.  The second document titled, “Student Illness” outlines what families are responsible to do if a child(ren) is exhibiting symptoms.   


  • Student Demographic Forms were sent home last week.  It is imperative that we have current contact information for the unlikely event that we need to contact trace.  All forms must be signed, dated and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible even if no changes have been made to your information.   


  • If you have any Midnapore Home Reading books from last Spring, please return them to the school ASAP. 


  • Save the date: 


  • School Council Meeting: Tuesday September 29th @ 6:30 PM.  This meeting will be virtual, and a link will be sent out closer to the day.  School councils are an important part of developing a strong and united school community, please consider attending 



Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to greeting our students on Monday! 


Jean Hugill and Melanie Bennett ​

Sep 11
Weekly Update, September 1th, 2020

Dear Midnapore Families, 


It has been another great week here at Midnapore School.  Students continue to do an excellent job of handwashing and mask wearing.  We continue to see smiles in hallways (under masks - of course!) and hear laughter coming from classrooms.   


When we asked students today, “What has been the best thing that has happened at school in the last two weeks?” we heard: 


  • The first day.  We got to do lots of art and my favorite thing is art. 


  • Math.  I love math because it is helping me learn so that one day I can become a teacher. 


  • My friends.  I love seeing my friends again! 


Students are also starting to dive into curriculum.  After reading the book, Night in the Country, by Cynthia Rylant, students in a grade 3 / 4 class were asked to connect with a part that made them think.  Following a reflection period, they crafted short poems and this one was shared with us: 


I hear coyotes eating berries on the ground. 

I see night birds flying all around. 

I hear myself stomping on the floor. 

I see animals scratching at my door.  

I hear the night frog singing it’s song, 

And I know that this is where I belong. 


Clearly our students are starting to express their thinking.    


Teachers are looking forward to connecting with you about your child(ren).  Starting shortly, teachers will be sending families a “Weekly Update”.  This update will include important announcements and highlight activities covered throughout the week.  Teachers are also in the process of setting up Google Classrooms.  Students will be invited into the digital spaces in the next few weeks.  Furthermore, Friday September 25th is a non-instructional day and we will be hosting virtual “Meet the Teacher” sessions.   More information will be provided next week. 




Attached are two documents that we would like you to be familiar with.  One is the “COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist” provided by AHS.  Please use this tool daily with your child(ren).  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.  The second document titled, “Student Illness” outlines what families are responsible to do if a child(ren) is exhibiting symptoms.   


If your child has any severe allergies, requires medication (e.g. epi-pen) or has a health concern or medical condition please ensure that your child’s teacher is aware of this and you have completed a Student Health Plan Form.  If you require a Student Health Plan form, please contact the office.   


To support limited movement in classrooms during snack breaks and lunch time we are encouraging “pack in / pack out” lunch kits.  Any garbage, composting and recycling a student brings in with their lunch will be sent home in their lunch kit for disposal.    


Please remember the street directly in front of the school is a “Kiss and Go” zone.  Please do not park in this area. School Administration will continue to support safe crossings on Midlake Blvd. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 


Melanie Bennett and Jean Hugill  


Sep 03
Welcome Back

Good Afternoon Midnapore Families, 


Thank you for all the phone calls and emails over the last few days with positive messages and words of encouragement and appreciation as we have welcomed students back into school.   


It has been wonderful to have students in our classrooms, halls, and fields again!  Teachers worked hard over the last few weeks to prepare their learning spaces to welcome students in, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable.  Over the last two days we have seen many smiling faces throughout the building.  We have been impressed with how quickly students adapted to our new routines and procedures.  Thank you for working with your child to prepare them for mask wearing, frequent hand washing and sanitization as well as social distancing.   


Tomorrow we are looking forward to having all our grade 1 – 6 students as well as our Kindergarten students whose last names fall between L and Z join us.  Teachers will be at their doors at 7:50 AM to greet students and school starts at 7:55 AMWe know that things will be busier with more students in the building but anticipate another successful day at Midnapore School! 


If you are dropping off and picking up your child, please remember to have a specific meeting spot arrangedThe circle road directly in front of the school will be used as a “kiss and go” zone again this year.  If you need to park, please do on Midlake Blvd.   


We have been proud of the students and staff as we transition back to in-person learning and we look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow.   


If you have any questions, please call or email us. 


Take care, 


Melanie Bennett and Jean Hugill  


May 04
The Stress of Learning from Home

The Stress of Learning From Home

During this period of class cancellations, I want to remind all of our learning community that we must remember to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Now that classes are not face-to-face, our teachers are planning ongoing learning tasks and assessing those tasks in new ways, trying to be mindful of the current stressors in our world. We recognize that families have many different responsibilities and concerns during this time. The ongoing learning activities that teachers are preparing for students are not meant to take the place of what would normally be happening in our schools each day. As we plan learning activities for students to engage in remotely, we are trying to consider what is reasonable and manageable for all students and families.

With this different way of learning from home, assessment also looks different. Teachers are, and will continue to be, providing students with regular feedback, not necessarily daily feedback. Please recognize that our teachers are also learning this new way of “doing school” and are spending many long hours thoughtfully preparing activities for their students, responding to parent and student questions, as well as taking part in ongoing professional development.

The Alberta Government has mandated 5 hours of learning activities per student per week for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. This is an 80% reduction from the time spent in the regular classroom environment. Please recognize that in this short amount of learning time each week, teachers are focusing on what we are calling “essential outcomes” from the core subject areas. This means that our focus is on the big ideas/key learnings students will need when they move to the next level.

If parents wish to work with their children in exploring learning opportunities beyond the essential outcomes, I would encourage you to consider the many suggestions available through the Calgary Board of Education website under the title “Ongoing Learning”.


Thank you for continuing to support us as we work with your children! We understand that ongoing learning may be challenging for families and we want to thank you for all of the work you are doing at home. Please be kind to yourselves and remember the mandate of 5 hours of learning activities per week. That is all we are expecting of students during this period in time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher, Mrs. Bennett or myself if you require further support.

We miss seeing our students at school each day and want to remind you of the parade we have planned for Monday afternoon. Please see our news story for more information on the parade route.

Students, parents and staff working together - Midnapore School continues to be an awesome learning community!​

Apr 06
Google Meets

Dear Midnapore School families,

This coming week, some of our teachers will be starting to use Google Meet in order to video conference with their students.  As this way of meeting with students is new for all of us, we thought it was important to send out some guidelines for online etiquette before these meetings begin.  Please review these protocols with your children before they join their first online meeting.

Google Meet Etiquette 

Please note that all Google Meets may be recorded by teachers for sharing at a later time with students who were unable to connect at the time of the meeting.  Please contact your child's teacher or myself if you have any questions or concerns about the Google Meets.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us in support of your child's learning.

Shelly Pynoo


Jan 17
Midnapore School Welcomes the Year of the Rat

Preparations are well under way for our big evening performance to welcome in the Year of the Rat.  Once again, our evening performance will take place at Harold Panabaker School and is being organized with the Harold Panabaker School staff and students.  We believe this collaboration between our two schools is an excellent opportunity to show the broader community the amazing progression of skills our Mandarin students acquire between Kindergarten and middle school.  We are very proud of the hard work and accomplishments of our Mandarin bilingual students.

In addition to the evening performance, ALL Midnapore School students will be taking part in a day of Chinese New Year activities to celebrate the Year of the Rat.  Many thanks to our parent volunteers for their planning and organization of this special day.  Our students are in for a treat!

February also brings other special learning opportunities to Midnapore School.  For two and a half weeks our physical education classes will be taken over by the Rocks and Rings organization – teaching students the sport of curling.  In February we also will welcome performers from Calgary Opera to our school to perform for all students.

These curricular enhancements are made possible because of the dedicated fundraising efforts and support of our Midnapore School Council. 

Many thanks to all parents for serving as our partners in education and for supporting these engaging and enriching learning opportunities for students.

Please check the school calendar for all upcoming dates.


Jun 04
June 2019

Where has the year gone?

Wow!  It’s June and we have now entered the final month of the 2018-2019 school year.  Where has the time gone?  Well, it’s gone many places:

It’s gone with our Grade 5 and 6 students to Outdoor School and to the zoo with Grade 2.  It’s gone to Telus Spark with our Grade 3’s and to the Glenbow Museum with the Grade 1’s.  It’s going this week with the Grade 4’s to the Mayor’s Environmental Expo, and with the Kindergarten students to the Corn Maze.  It’s gone with students to the Young Writer’s Conference, Police School, Aggie Days, the Patrol Picnic, and the Union Cemetery.

Back at Midnapore School, the learning has been engaging and challenging.  Students have gained knowledge in such diverse topics as Rocks and Minerals, Small Crawling and Flying Animals, Canadian Provinces, Countries and Customs around the world, Flight and Aerodynamics, Families and Communities, and Hearing and Sound.  Our students took part in the provincial election through Student Votes and helped to take care of our earth by initiating a Terracycle initiative, helping with composting and recycling as well as helping to facilitate the installation of solar panels on the school roof.

February was devoted to the development and celebration of literacy learning as students took part in Literacy Month activities.  These included a Dress as a Storybook Character Day, Drop Everything and Read events, and Guess The Teachers’ Favourite Books.  During our school-wide used book swap, each student was able to take home a new-to-them book for their own personal libraries.

Teachers and support staff have implemented a number of additional strategies and tools to help students achieve more of their learning potential.  These include the implementation of ENERGY class each morning, movement stations throughout the hallways and SPARK bikes in the portables and the Learning Commons. 

Parents are key partners in the learning at Midnapore School.  We treasure our volunteers and hope they felt our sincere appreciation at our annual Volunteer Tea in May.  Volunteers have helped in a myriad of ways from flipping pancakes at the Welcome Back Pancake Dinner to reading with students each day.  Our School Council has supported our school with their guidance and suggestions as well as setting up extra-curricular activities, special cultural events like Chinese New Year activities and fundraising for residencies, for additional teaching and learning resources and supporting families in financial need.

Parents also had an opportunity to learn at Midnapore School this year with the introduction of our Community Parenting Education Program in conjunction with Hull Services.  Many families took part in this course that took place once a week for 8 weeks in total.  The response was fantastic and we will be offering this course again for parents during the new school year.

Our staff have continued their learning as well.  We have taken part in professional development sessions focused on brain development, strengthening mathematical knowledge and skills,  literacy development and furthering our understandings of what it means to promote a strength-based approach to teaching and learning. We also shared best teaching practices in the area of language acquisition.  Teachers were involved in grade team meetings, meetings with teachers from other schools as well as multi-grade professional learning communities to share and learn from one another.

As we come to the end of the school year, and I reflect on my first year here at Midnapore School, I am incredibly proud of the work of our students, staff and entire learning community.  Midnapore School is truly a great place to learn!

Shelly Pynoo

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