Our Staff


PositionName / Email
PrincipalSherri Chatani
Assistant Principal
Jennifer Grant
Office Staff
Maegan Melnyk - Administrative Secretary
Cathy Ogilvie - Secretary
Learning LeadersJen Purslow - Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Mark Agar - Teaching and Learning with Technology
Jennifer Laughy - Learning Leader
Randy Hess - Learning Leader
Andrew Constable - Literacy Strategy
Sarah Inkster - Numeracy Strategy
Erin Purdy - Well-Being for Learning Strategy
Natalie Norcross - Well-Being for Learning Strategy

School Staff

The homeroom teacher, first contact, is indicated by the class in bold text

PositionName / Email / Assignment
Aimey Parent - ACCESS teacher
Jaki Paredes - Educational Assistant ACCESS
Jennifer Laughy - ALP teacher, LL
Laurica Himmelreich - Education Assistant ALP
Jessica Baca - Education Assistant ALP
Julia Cabral - CSSI teacher
Lana Sachyk - Educational Assistant CSSI
Sayli Mate- Educational Assistant CSSI
Ashley Collins - TASC teacher
Melanie Baird - Educational Assistant TASC
Izabela Fiuk - Educational Assistant TASC
Grade 7Danielle Drefko - Humanities
Chris Hanson - Humanities
Amie Curran- Humanities
Randy Hess - Math/Science, LL
Reilly Gonzaga - Math/Science
Sarah Inkster- Math/Science
Grade 8Andrew Constable - Humanities, Math/Science LL
Chava Sosnowicz - Humanities
Nicolina Baljak - Humanities
Shayne Moulton - Math/Science
Joshua Wall- Math/Science
Grade 9Christy Lindsay - Humanities
Kiana Robson - Humanities
Kevin Rae - Math/Science
Ian Stone - Math/Science

Physical EducationJen Purslow - Health & Phys Ed., LL
Nicky Amirault - Health & Phys Ed.
Tammy Davey - Health & Phys Ed.
Geoff Matthews - Health & Phys Ed.
Complementary CoursesMark Agar – Media Design, Information Processing, LL
Rob Hutchinson - Band
Maggie Myles – Drama, Dance
Deb Slaughter – Foods
Sean Slaughter – Construction, Envoe
Darrin Wilson – Art, Power up your Learning
Student ServicesNatalie Norcross - Gr 9 students, LL
Erin Purdy - Gr 7 students, LL
Jennifer Grant - Gr 8 students, AP
Support StaffMarti Beamish - Learning Commons Assistant
Lorelei Hepburn - Educational Assistant
Karen Johansen -  Educational Assistant
Facilities StaffMarvin Manalili - Facility Operator
 - Cleaner

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