Smoking / Vaping

MidSun School is a smoke-free environment. As per the Student Code of Conduct, smoking and vaping is prohibited in the building, on school property, within sight of the school or during any part of the school day. This policy is also in effect during all school - sponsored off-site excursions. Students who do not meet these expectations will face consequences that follow the Progressive Discipline Policy.

Drugs / Alcohol

MidSun School is a drug and alcohol free environment. Students who are in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol, related paraphernalia, or who come to school under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, will be suspended from school. Reinstatement will include the student, parents and school administration working together on re-entry conditions. These conditions may include referral to an outside agency for counseling/assessment Youth Addictions, police involvement, and/or restriction of school privileges.

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