Dress Code

MidSun is committed to being a ‘school of character’ which includes our belief in the “dressed for work” concept. Our work is learning and teaching and individual expression and fashion statements must fall within the bounds and standards of a school context as agreed upon by the MidSun School Council, staff and students. Students should be wearing clothing that covers their torso and covers their underwear; tops and bottoms must meet. A T-shirt, suitable for activity, must be worn during PE class. Students should also ensure their clothes do not have profane language or refer to drugs, alcohol, smoking/vaping. Students will be asked to find (or will be given) a suitable alternative if their clothing is deemed to not meet our standard of dress.

In addition to the MidSun standard of dress, to best ensure school safety:

  • fashion headwear such as hats, hoods and scarves may not be worn inside our school building. Head coverings with religious significance are the exception.
  • all coats and backpacks are to be stored in students lockers during class time.
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RT @yyCBEdu: Parents wishing to cancel the registration of their child in hub need to make the decision prior to Sept. 1, 2020. Parents need to email their child's school indicating they are moving their child from hub to face-to-face instruction. https://t.co/XrspcGLNmY #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/TwYCZxd8Kv

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RT @UsihChristopher: While we are excited about welcoming students back to school in September, our top priority is the health and safety of students and staff. We are following strict AHS guidelines in order to minimize risk of transmission and to keep everyone safe. #WeAreCBE