Grade 7

*Please note that course availability is subject to change based on staffing and student interest. All courses are half year courses unless otherwise indicated.

Applied Technologies

Students in Applied Technologies will work on fun projects that involve Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Drive, online games, and more! Students will also learn about hackers, online safety, operating a computer, and being a positive digital citizen. All students in Grade 7 can benefit from this class as they work on projects that develop skills they can transfer to their other classes! Come learn about the technology that can make your other class work so much easier and less time consuming.


You don't need to be da Vinci or Picasso, you just need to explore and develop your own art skills. Grade 7 art is very self-directed and projects reflect students’ interests.  Students complete projects in drawing, watercolor painting, pastels, sculpture and more! Through the use of line, shape, texture, value and form, students explore and learn how to critique art, practice self-assessment and offer feedback to others. Students will discover unique ways to express their ideas while building basic skills. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NOMINAL FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF CONSUMABLE MATERIALS.

Band (Full Year Course) 

This course serves as the introduction to the instrumental music program. Students will learn to play an instrument and develop skills that lead to a lifetime of music appreciation. Previous musical experience is NOT necessary. Students enrolling in this program will be involved in some extracurricular rehearsals, clinics and concerts. Students, directors and parents will determine instrument assignments by the end of September. Grade 7 instrument choices include: flute, clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone and tuba. There is an optional 3-day band camp in April, with numerous fundraising opportunities available to help offset the cost of this trip. All instruments are available to rent from MidSun at a cost of $100 for the year. There is an additional resource fee of $85 to help cover the cost of clinics, workshops, field trips and festival fees. Students registering for Band are making a full-year commitment. 

Computer Media Design

Do you want to learn how to PhotoShop images or paint with a drawing tablet? Have you ever wanted to edit a music video or make your own cartoon? Want to learn how to 3D print, and create your own gadgets like fidget toys and iPhone cases? What about creating a robot, programming games, or competing in design challenges with Minecraft? Hosted in the MidSun Technology Centre, students will experience guided design projects based off of the processes that real-world professionals go through every day. Students in Grades 8 and 9 will be able to explore new technologies through independent projects where they explore new technologies that apply to their own interests and potential career paths. In short, if you love technology and computers, this is the course for you!


Do you like building things? Want an opportunity to work with your hands? Students in Construction will learn shop safety, tool knowledge and, early on, can expect projects directed to increase experience and know-how with the tools and machines in the shop, in a safe and effective manner. Students add design elements and meet specific requirements through each project to meet the CTF outcomes. Projects may include: oven push-pull stick, step stool, napkin holder, and a wheeled toy. As students prove their mastery of the numerous tools in the shop, opportunities to have more creative influence and planning becomes available. Students will learn various woodworking skills from sanding, gluing, hand tool use, machine use (band saw, scroll saw, drill press, spindle sander) and finishing. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NOMINAL FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF CONSUMABLE MATERIALS.

Digital Photography

Explore the world of digital photography. We will also look into night/early morning photography, the rule of three, the blue hour, and many more aspects of digital photography. Finally we will be printing our own photos and creating simple projects to display your work.


Do you love to perform? Come have fun acting and exploring expression through mime, voice, movement, storytelling and improvisation. Students will be taught clowning and pratfall skills that stretch their imagination and expressive abilities, creating hilarious scenes to be viewed by the class. Opportunities will be provided for students to explore mime through group performances in front of an audience. Developing a strong basis in physical acting, students will also explore voice in a Reader’s Theatre unit, engaging in several performances. The Drama program strives to build confidence and teamwork, a healthy self-image and improved communication skills.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NOMINAL FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF CONSUMABLE MATERIALS.

Environmental Outdoor Education

Do you love the outdoors? Can’t get enough of being active outside with your friends? Then the ENVOE program is for you! In Grade 7 there is no shortage of active fun! You can look forward to learning how to track rocky mountain wildlife based on their tracks and scat, playing the “animal game”, learning how to read a map, orienteering races, learning knot-tying skills, making survival bracelets, participating in team building games and more! And don’t forget about the field trips! In Gr. 7 there is the opportunity to go hiking in Kananaskis, snowshoeing in Kananaskis, as well as a visit to an archery range. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF OFF CAMPUS TRIPS.

Fashion Designer

Design, manufacture, and appraise clothing and other textile products. Explore careers in the fashion industry and learn what is needed to pursue them. This course is all about getting the opportunity to learn how to sew by hand and with a sewing machine. Students will get the opportunity to practice a range of stitches, through a series of fun activities that are interactive and hands-on. Students will also get the chance to design and create a beautiful sewing project to showcase these new skills and to take part in a design challenge, designing and creating a textile creation that uses up-cycled materials. This course is suited for the avid, creative student, who is interested in learning a new medium in which to create things. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NOMINAL FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF CONSUMABLE MATERIALS.

Film Studies

Discover and develop movie-making skills to communicate, inform and entertain!  Discover careers in the film industry and how to pursue them! Film Studies 7 students will master the basics of camera work and begin learning editing techniques. Students will explore camera shots and angles, storyboarding, acting for the camera and use Panasonic full HD cameras, iPads and personal devices, tripods and tablet tripod adaptors. Learn to hone your filmmaking craft with choices of editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Like watching movies? Hollywood movie clips will be used in lessons, and one full feature length movie will be viewed and critiqued in class. Students will watch and celebrate work on the big screen in our very own film festival.  That’s a wrap! Who wants popcorn? 


Culinary students in Foods 7 will explore the skills and training required for the diversity of careers in the food industry. Examine the role of food, looking beyond consumption to production, visual appreciation, nutrition, meal planning, economics, and preparation, and learn the various skills in the cook trade. Topics may include: food safety, skill techniques, basic food preparation, meal planning and basic cake decorating. Come learn the basics of cake design and techniques to create a unique project, including a character-based cake design. Do you want to be the next MidSun Cake Boss? Through problem solving, discussion and reflection, students will appraise their contributions in teamwork, kitchen work and cooking skills, and decide upon strategies to make any necessary changes or improvements for future projects. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NOMINAL FEE ATTACHED TO THIS COURSE TO COVER THE COST OF CONSUMABLE MATERIALS.

French (Full Year Course)

This full-year course serves as an introduction to the junior high French program. Previous experience is not required. This is a very interactive class with an emphasis on speaking, writing and reading. Skits, music, games, projects and technology are all used to facilitate learning.  Students will learn about their identity, school routines, weather and describing people in their life. To expose students to the French culture, there will be an opportunity to sample la tire d'érable (maple taffy), discover French music and watch French films. C'est fantastique!


Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar but haven’t had the time to take lessons? This course is designed for students who have no previous guitar experience and are looking for an introduction to playing this instrument. Areas of instruction include: instrument care, techniques and fundamentals of musicianship, tone production, proper posture, and music literacy (the ability to read and write music in both traditional notation and guitar tablature). The only requirement is a willingness to try something new and a love of music.


Do you want to make a difference in your school, and community? The Leadership program engages students in activities to promote and foster a positive SPIRIT within the school culture. Students to find ways  to make an impact locally through events, activities, awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts. Volunteer service is an important component of the course with students needing to give back a minimum of 4 hours within the semester. Topics in this course include: team building activities, traits of leaders, leadership styles, time management, communication skills and public speaking. Students are encouraged to take part in leadership conferences made available through both terms. Successful students in this course will show initiative, self-discipline, a sense of team, a strong work ethic and be able to work independently.

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