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Inspired by input from children and their parents, the members of Monterey Park’s School staff have established foundational statements designed to support the work of the school community. These statements represent our commitment to high quality learning experiences for the children and adults who come to our school. They guide our present and future choices: choices of programs, expenditures, professional development and any other choice that has a direct impact on the learners in our school community.


Celebrating the Colours of Our Earth speaks to our respectful membership as citizens of this planet, our connection to each other, and our recognition of the earth’s rich invitation to learn. We believe these words imaginatively reflect the nature of our community and the purpose of our learning.


Our school’s mission clarifies these words with one additional line: Honouring Creativity and Diversity. This line informs and inspires how we carry ourselves forward and generate possibilities in our work with the children and with each other.

Celebrating the Colours of Our Earth: Honouring Creativity and Diversity

Our vision is both an invitation and an expectation for members to create ideas, artefacts, and experiences that speak to learning and achieving in the 21st Century context. Learning and achieving in the 21st Century context requires adults and children to be creative, multimodal, and responsive to cultural interpretations. In addition, we encourage learners to be self-aware, adaptive, and flexible in their ways of expression. We believe that children need to be creators as well as interpreters of knowledge. This belief implies that children are active and interactive in their participation as global citizens. Because of these challenging requirements, the fine arts and multiple literacies (which include technology) are the featured pathways to significant learning. Our path to diverse and significant learning is through the fine and performing arts. Our creative approaches to multiple literacies (including mathematics, heritage languages, visual literacy, and oral traditions) cultivate and celebrate this journey.

From our vision and mission, the staff continues to think carefully about the implications of our foundational statements. We recognize that in order for learning to be deemed significant, the impact must be noteworthy and its influence needs to be far-reaching. The work involved in refining our foundational commitments is central to keeping our program offerings responsive, rigorous, and rich. It may appear to some as casual and perhaps to some even as unnecessary, but it is important that actions are consistent with what we understand about how children learn best and to identify which environments best support their learning. This is essential and important work. The words of the late world-renowned cellist, Pablo Casals inspires adults with this challenge:

"We must all work to make the world worthy of its children."
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School Development Plan

​Each year, our school prepares a development plan with input from teachers, school staff, students and parents. We review many sources of data, including report cards, provincial achievement test results and school surveys. Based on this information, we create our plan identifying targeted areas for growth. Our school development plan is not meant to represent all of the work that takes place in our school, but rather it focuses on specific areas for improvement.​​​

​School Improvement Results Report

Our school also prepares a results plan, which looks at our previous school year. It shows our students’ achievement and progress in meeting the goals and outcomes as set out by the CBE and Alberta Education, outlines some of the highlights of our school development plan and gives an overview of our school. You can look on the CBE website for system-wide results​.

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