Grade 6 Lunchroom Expectations

Grade 6 students are to remain on-campus at lunch time (unless they have written permission to go home for lunch). If Grade 7- 9 students leave school property at lunch time, it is only with parent permission. Areas west of the school and the school fields are considered “off limits” for all students. Unless a student is going home at lunch time, students from Mountain Park are not to be on the pathways or by the Fish Creek ridge. All students are expected to go outside for the last 20 minutes of the lunch break for some fresh air and physical activity. Grade 6 students must stay on school
property. It is the student’s responsibility to dress properly for the outside temperature/weather and to make sure they are prepared to remain outside for 20 minutes. In cases of inclement weather where temperatures are below -20 degrees
Celsius (or at the schools discretion), students will be invited to stay inside the school in the foyer.

Students are expected to:

  • behave with respect and consideration;
  • bring a lunch (with necessary cutlery and containers);
  • sit in the designated area for eating lunch and remain in that area while eating;
  • clean up after themselves, placing garbage and recyclables in the proper bins;
  • play in the designated outside areas;
  • remain on the school grounds;
  • check in with the lunch supervisor at the beginning of the lunch period, to ensure their attendance has been taken, as well as before leaving the lunch area; and
  • wear appropriate outdoor clothing for Calgary weather conditions. Students go outside each day for 20 minutes. If the temperature drops below -20°C, students stay inside.

Parents, can help us out by:

  • ensuring your child is registered in the Noon Supervision program by registering online or by printing out the registration forms (available on the CBE website).
  • If your child is not registered for Noon Supervision but wishes to stay occasionally at school for lunch, please send the $5 drop in fee on that day and have your child give it to one of the lunchroom staff.
  • There is no “drop in” fee if your child is participating in a school activity such as band, intramurals, clubs, etc., as well as special lunch every Wednesdays.
  • notifying the school of any allergies and/or medical conditions that your child may have, via the appropriate form(s) available on the website;
  • providing written permission if you want your child to leave the school during the lunch break; All notes must be given to lunchroom staff before the students leave the school. A separate parent’s note for each occurrence please.
  • Having lunch at a friend’s house requires a note from each student’s parent. 
  • reading and discussing the student expectations with your child.

MPS Cell Phone Policy

At Mountain Park School we recognize advances in technology are inevitable and cell phones make student/guardian contact much easier. Students will be allowed to have a cell phone at school, but may not bring them into their classroom. This includes having the cell phone in class with the ringer off, using the cell phone to check the time, using the cell phone as a calculator, or receiving or sending text messages in class. It is up to the classroom teacher if cell phones can be used for learning activities and will inform students ahead of time.

If parents/guardians need to contact their student for any reason during the school day, they can contact the main office and we will facilitate communication. Students are allowed their cell phones before classes start and at lunch. During class time they are to put their cell phones away in their lockers. We do not encourage students to share their locker combination with peers. Students are not to bring cell phones into the classroom without teacher permission – No exceptions!

MPS staff and teachers are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen cell phones.

Any student who is caught with their cell phone during class time will be asked to return their cell phone to their locker and given a warning. This first offence will be documented. For a second offence, students may be referred to administration and students are required to have a parent come and pick up their cell phone from the office. Phone calls from parents/guardians saying it is ok to give the child back their cell phone will not be accepted. A parent/guardian must come in and pick up the cell phone on their child’s behalf.

Benefits of our Cell Phone Policy

  • Reduces cyberbullying
  • Improved academic performance
  • Reduced student distraction
  • Reduced daily screen time
  • Reduced academic misconduct

Busing and On-Board Conduct

Students riding the buses are responsible to the bus driver and the school staff for their behaviour. We have the same behavioural expectations for students on the buses as we do for any student in or around the school. Safety is paramount on our buses. Bus drivers will report student misconduct to the school staff. Appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken and may include suspension from the charter buses.

In addition, it is expected students will:

  • Sit according to the driver’s seating plan
  • Remain seated at all times
  • Show their bus passes when requested by drivers
  • Be respectful of other citizens and drivers while on the bus
  • Behave in a way that does NOT distract or interfere with the bus driver

School Dance Rules  - #1 is to have FUN!

  • Normal school rules apply at all times for dances – this includes school appropriate dancing, horseplay, public displays of affection, etc.
  • Please come on time to all dances (if you are going to be late, you need to bring a note from your parent BEFORE the dance).
  • To attend, you must be in classes all day.
  • The school dress code applies.
  • MPS students are welcome at the dance. It is closed to students from other schools.
  • There are no “in” and “out” privileges.
  • Students are not allowed to go to their lockers during the dance. Lockers are assessable at the start and at the end of the dance only (hang up jackets, change into shoes, etc.).
  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the gym. 

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