Personal Belongings

Care of Personal Property

The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Students are advised to leave items of value at home and not share their locker combinations. 

Lost & Found

There are several lost and found bins in the school. All student belongings should be marked with the student's name. The lost and found bins are cleaned out at the end of each month. The items are then donated to a local charity. 

Personal Electronic Devices



  • Reduces cyberbullying
  • Improved academic performance
  • Reduced student distraction
  • Reduced daily screen time
  • Reduced academic misconduct

At Mountain Park School, we recognize that advances in technology are inevitable and cell phones make student/guardian contact much easier. Students are allowed to have a cell phone at school, but may not bring them into their classroom for any reason. This includes having the cell phone in class with the ringer off, using the cell phone to check the time, using the cell phone as a calculator, or receiving or sending text messages in class. If Parents/Guardians need to contact their student for any reason during the school day, they can contact the main office and we will facilitate communication.

If students decide to bring their phones to school, they can use them before and after school and at lunch. During class time, they are to turn their cells phones off and to store them securely in their lockers. Students are not to bring cell phones into the classroom or any learning environment-no exceptions! In order to maintain the security of their lockers, we do not encourage students to share lockers or to share their locker combination with peers.

MPS staff and teachers are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen cell phones.

Any student who does not follow this policy will be asked to return their cell phone to their locker and given a warning. All offences will be documented and parents will be contacted after a third incident. If students continue to disregard this policy, they will be referred to administration and a parent/guardian will need to come to the school in order to pick up the phone. Phone calls from parents/guardians saying it is OK to give the student back their cell phone will not be accepted. A parent/guardian must come in and pick up the cell phone on their child’s behalf.


Bikes are used for transportation purposes to and from school only. For safety reasons, their use, including tricks performed on them, is prohibited on or around school property. Bikes need to be safely secured in the school bike racks. The bike racks at the front of the school are for our Grade 5 & 6 students. Students in Grades 7-9 are expected to lock their bikes up at the bike racks at the back of the school.

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