Grade 9

Complementary Program

Art 9

Students will explore a variety of media and techniques to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art that includes drawing, painting and sculpting. Student projects will involve careful observation of formand surface qualities in creating realistic drawings of natural objects. Students will also investigate the impact of modifying color on the overall impact of their art. Additionally, students will practice critiquing their own artwork with a focus on using appropriate art vocabulary to discuss specific media and techniques used in creating art.

Concert Band 9 (Year long course)

Band 9 offers students the opportunity to continue to develop their personal and ensemble performance skills while creating a wide variety of new music with other musicians. Students will have the opportunity to perform in several concerts throughout the year, participate in the AIBF music festival, perform for feeder elementary schools, and have the option of attending a three-day overnight band workshop retreat. Students also enjoy leadership opportunities and can become mentors for younger students. New students are welcome and will be mentored by their peers.

CTF Construction 9

Three main areas will be explored in each of the three courses. These areas will be safety, skill development, design and team building. Safety will consist of a very intensive Health and safety orientation covering topics such as general safety, hand tool safety, machine tool safety and what to do in case of an incident or accident. Students will learn the proper use of tools and machinery to construct small projects. These small projects will help students develop the skills necessary to become successful in the final portion of the program.

The final portion of the program will require students to work in teams to design, create, articulate and appraise projects and their designs. Projects in the design portion of the course will vary across the three grade levels. The Grade 9 students focus on air and aerodynamics and require the construction of CO2 cars and a fastest car challenge.

CTF Communications 9

This course will focus on communication of school events. Students will be responsible for documenting life at MPS through film, video, journalism, writing, and creative design. The focus of this course will surround the creation of the school’s yearbook by assisting with photo taking, downloading, cataloging, organizing & editing photos, designing page layouts, using software, submitting a final draft for printing, and meeting deadlines.

CTF Design Studies 9

This course provides students the opportunity to determine and apply the fundamentals of various software applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, web design, photography, image editing, drawing, and graphic animation. The wide range of tasks being introduced will allow students to explore technical skills with organization, management, communication, and ethical decision-making being developed throughout. Projects explore design processes in two and three dimensions, problem solving, visual identity, and basic design practices, and discussions.

CTF Foods 9

Family Dinners: Typical recipes may include soups, salads, entrees, sauces, international cuisine, specialty drinks, cakes, and desserts. Groups eat the food they cook, or can choose to share with teachers, friends, or family. Students also complete a project where they choose their own group members, and what they want to cook. Students work together to find recipes, create a grocery list, and plan their remaining Foods class periods. This final challenge allows students to use all the knowledge and skills they learned throughout the course while working with their friends to make their favorite foods.

Drama 9

Let’s perform! We will be learning and performing stage combat in both hand to hand and sword combat styles, we will create the injuries that would have been created by those fights, making bruises and cuts that will enhance your Halloween costumes for years to come. From there we will look at character study and immerse ourselves in detailed performance and finally we will learn about script creation and how to develop an original character. Come join the fun!

French 9

French 9 students will further develop French language skills as well as an appreciation for the charming and lively culture that Francophone life has to offer. Through a variety of tasks, projects and games students will gain understanding of multiple themes including sports, housing and home décor, community lifestyles around the world, holidays and celebrations, and other areas of student interest. Please note: No prior second language experience is required to take French 9.

Guitar 9

This course is designed to further explore the musical skills that were developed in Guitar 8. Students will have an opportunity to better utilize the entire fretboard of the guitar. Students will be able to move chords (up the neck), play scales (major, minor), and improvise, making them much more versatile musicians. Students will take a more in-depth look at theory and how notes, chords, scales, are connected to form music.

Leadership 9

Leadership 9 offers students the opportunity to work with other group members to organize activities like Fly-on-the-Wall, School Dances, Bad Hair Day, and Pumpkin Carving Challenge. Interested students should enjoy the idea of being able to plan school activities from beginning to end. Leadership 9 is project based with the goal being to enhance school climate through student-led activities. There will be an extra-curricular component and students must be willing to give up free time before classes, at lunch, or after school on occasion.

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