Respecting Community

Students should show respect for school and community property by placing garbage in garbage bins and recyclables in the recycling containers. In order that we maintain our positive relationship with our community neighbours, students should not loiter or trespass on grounds of private homes, alleys or apartment buildings.

Respecting Property

Students must respect the property of the school and the property of students and staff. Students who vandalize or graffiti school property may be charged by the Calgary Police Service. Restitution for damages may be sought by Mount Royal School and/or by the CBE.

Off Site Trips

We emphasize responsibility and accountability at Mount Royal. If students would like to join in on any Off Site trips they must be able to be respectful and respond to teacher direction. Students who have a history of behaviour issues may be asked to bring a parent as a supervisor if needed. All students are told at the beginning of the school year that they should not have any outstanding assignments if they would like to go on a school trip. If they do they will stay at school and complete any work that is not done.

Food and Drink in Class

We believe that students learn better when they are well-nourished and eat healthy snacks. At teacher discretion, nutritious snacks are allowed in class as are fruit juices and water. Students who buy pop or slurpees at lunch must throw these in the garbage before entering classes.


Students may not smoke or vape on, or within the sight of, school property or while participating in any school events.

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