Declaration of Rights

Declaration of Rights

The following statement was prepared by the Student Advisory Council. One student from each homeroom has membership in this council and they speak for the students. They meet with our Principal about once a month to discuss student matters. 

Declaration of Rights: By Us – For Us 

Every one has the right to:

  • an education
  • learn
  • ask questions
  • seek help
  • take chances and learn from mistakes
  • protection from violence, harassment and abuse
  • equal treatment regardless of gender, age, or cultural background
  • freedom of expression in a way that is considerate of others

Everyone has these rights and also has the responsibility to provide these rights to others.

We believe these rights come from the following virtues:

Respect: Individuals are able to develop one's own personality without disrespectful criticism or pressure from others.

Responsibility: Individuals are able to fulfill their tasks in an environment of support and trust.

Honesty: Individuals are able to be truthful with one another.

Compassion: Individuals feel that all school members are considerate and caring.

Self-discipline: Individuals feel that all school members live within the expectations of our community.

Perseverance: Individuals are supported to pursue excellence to the best of their ability.

Giving: Individuals are supported in giving to others unselfishly.

The students, staff, parents and community members of Mount Royal Junior High have, in this statement, confirmed the rights of the individual.  

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