Preparing for High School

January 21, 2020

High School Registration

Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

We have approached the time of year that the High School registration process is beginning.  At this point we have handed out registration forms for Central Memorial and Western Canada.  We have a few students designated to Ernest Manning and I do have some registration forms for them.  Forms will be due back to Mount Royal the first week of February.

Important tips

  • -Students need to fill up all the spaces for complementary (option) classes.  Both school require you to fill out your top 5 choices.  Please put them in order from 1st to 5th .
  • -After all information is filled in, i.e name, student ID number etc, forms will be returned to us, then core teachers will put recommendations on each student’s forms.
  • -Does your son or daughter want to try and transfer to another High School?  Step one is filling out and handing in the registration to the school they are designated to, after that you may make an appointment with the school you want to transfer out of, they will decide if you are approved.  Then you would go to the High School of your preference to ask to transfer.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about registration forms, if you have specific questions about programming and classes, please contact the High School.


Jen Purslow

Western Canada High School

Monday October 28th – Western administration will be coming to Mount Royal to present information on the IB Program

Monday November 4th – We are heading to Western Canada High School for the tour in the morning.    

Central Memorial High School

Thursday November 28th- We are headed to Central Memorial High School for the tour and the Career and Technology Centre for Try-a-Trade.  They will be there from 9am-2:15pm.  Students need to bring a lunch as there will be NO access to purchase food.

There is a $5.00 fee for to cover the consumables during Try-a-Trade.  We are collecting $5.00 and this payment can be paid on-line in Powerschool  Forms and payment need to be in by Monday October 28th.

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions


Jen Purslow


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