At Mount Royal students have many opportunities to participate on sports teams. We offer teams for boys and girls in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and have multi gender teams such as cross country running, track and field and badminton. Tryout information and practice schedules are also posted outside the gym, in announcements and here on our website. 


Congratulations to our wrestling team this season! They had an excellent final meet at Divisional's and we had multiple top finishes! Thank you to all the support from our staff and the school community.  

Badminton Schedule

Senior Badminton Team

Practices will be every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00pm

Junior Badminton Team

Practice Tuesday February 7th at 3:00pm

Badminton Divisional Meet 

*****Players are responsible for their own transportation******

Junior Team 

Tuesday March 7th 9:30-2:00pm 

MNP Community and Sport Centre  - 2225 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5B6

Senior Team

Wednesday March 8th 9:30 - 2:00pm

MNP Community and Sport Centre  - 2225 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5B6

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Mount Royal Snow Angels: Achilis, Addy, and Iman clear snow from staff cars in the parking lot. Stay safe everyone!

Reminder to Mount Royal families that Thursday September 29th is Orange Shirt Day. Wear orange to honour the Survivors of Residential Schools. #OrangeShirtDay

If this isn't team work- I don't know what is! Mount Royal is getting ready for our #TerryFoxRun tomorrow. If you'd like to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation, our school's link is:

Mount Royal celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by engaging in learning, traditional games, Métis hand weaving and most deliciously, the eating of bannock! #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay