School life at Mount Royal includes a variety of activities for students. We believe the more involve students to become with their school the more they will get out of school. These activities include interscholastic sports (usually soccer, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and track and field), noon intramural activities, jazz band, etc. Our band and drama students perform at assemblies throughout the year, our drama program puts on two mini productions, and student art is featured around the school. 

Other annual events include Open House, Celebration of Cultures, and other special events organized by and requested by students. Depending on student interest, we may also offer dances for students and encourage parents to volunteer as chaperones. No outside guests are permitted to attend school dances. The school expectations at dances are the same as during the regular school day and the dress code is the same. Students who are absent on the day of the dance due to illness will not be allowed to attend the dance. Inappropriate behaviour or irregular attendance may also result in revoking dance privileges.

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