Math is more than memorizing formulas and doing calculations. Math involves:

  • Highly practical and hands-on problems and skills
  • Rich problem-solving activities in collaboration with your peers
  • Some problems that will stretch your understanding to the abstract and theoretical
  • Using technology to develop, demonstrate and communicate your mathematical understandings

The grades 7, 8 & 9 math courses focus on four strands: 

1. Number Sense

2. Patterns and Relations

3. Statistics and Probability

4. Shape and Space

Grade 7 UnitsGrade 8 UnitsGrade 9 Units
Coordinates and Design Fractions Number Theory
Operations with Decimals                IntegersPowers & Exponents
Geometry & Measurement / CirclesLinear RelationsPolynomials
Fractions/Decimals/PercentPercentExpressions & Equations
Fraction OperationsPythagorean TheoremLinear Relations
IntegersRatios/Rates/Proportional ReasoningSurface Area
Patterns & ExpressionsRepresenting DataSymmetry
Solving EquationsSolving Linear EquationsCircle Geometry
Working with DataSurface Area & Volume
Representing Data

In Math 7
, students will use a variety of resources to assist in their learning. The students will be engaged in practical problems and skills, collaborating with peers as well as activities to expand their understanding. The students will also be using technologies to enhance and communicate their mathematical knowledge. 

In Math 8, students continue their development of foundation skills and build upon their knowledge from grade 7.  Students will apply their learning in a to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and build their problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Having an in-depth understanding of the  math concepts from grades 7 & 8 is an important stepping stone in preparation for grade 9 math. 

Math 9 is a foundational math course for all junior high school students. This is a very busy course with many learning outcomes and is critical for success in all future math courses. Students are expected to stay on top of homework and review concepts daily in order to ensure maximum success. 

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