Mr. Lyndon Neustaeter

Math Coach Learning Leader

The role of the Mathematics Coach is to work alongside teacher partners to increase high impact instructional practices in mathematics. The goal is to expand instructional practice and improve student learning.  In the classroom the math coach and teachers  will work collaboratively with students using a variety of strategies to promote student learning. The goals are tied to the CBE Mathematics Strategy and the Alberta Mathematics Program of study. 

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Grade 7 and 8 : Math

The grade 7 Math course focuses on four strands: Number Sense, Patterns and Relations, Statistics and Probability, and Shape and Space. Students will use a variety of resources to assist in their learning. The students will be engaged in practical problems and skills, collaborating with peers as well as activities to expand their understanding. The students will also be using technologies to enhance and communicate their mathematical knowledge. The topics covered: integers, algebra, geometry, measurement, probability, data analysis, fractions, percent, decimals, graphing.

All students at Mount Royal have an IXL account

IXL is a great online resource to develop and practice  math skills, as well as review current topics and material

IXL can be accessed through the following link:      IXL

Complimentary/Option Classes

CTF Program of studies


 Students will use the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 kits to explore designing and programming principles. Students will learn design foundations, problem solving skills, and overcome challenges and tasks as a team. Using the robots students will develop programming skills and explore the use of a variety of sensors. Students are also able to work at their own pace.


Emphasis will be on the creation of animation stressing teamwork, storyboarding, creating character, stage design and sound design.  Challenges and mini projects will further student’s exploration of animation approaches and techniques. Digital cameras, iPads, Wacom tablets, and computer editing are critical skills that make the foundation for this class. Students will learn, applications in Adobe programs, Stykz,  iMovie and Movie Maker as well as exploring a variety of Apps.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Students will be be identifying, exploring and demonstrating the basic tools of the software program Sketchup. The students will be given various challenges and tasks to improve their skills. The students will also be involved in brief exploration of the process from idea to sketch to prototype to construction involving the use of our 3D-printer.

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