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Tuesday, October 2nd

In case you haven't yet had an opportunity, please ask your child to log into their D2L shell and show you their science and/or math shell(s). This is where the homework, assignments, and test information and due dates will be announced. As well, I will regularly be posting the topics that we will be covering in math and science. If there is no math homework assigned, students are advised to go onto Mathletics. They have a paid account set up for them. Every Thursday, I will ask them to catch up if they missed doing any topics during the week. If you have any questions, please email me @  

Here is the link for D2L:

Here is the link for Mathletics:

September 11th, 2018

Welcome to my teacher page! I have been teaching for over 17 years, and I am really excited to begin a new segment of my journey here at Mount Royal School. I am teaching Grade 7 & 8 Math, Grade 7 Science, Art, and Power Up Learning. Below I have listed course descriptions for math the core subjects along with a supply list for Grade 7. For the Grade 8 Math description, please see Mr. Kurcwal's teacher page.

Grade 7 Math Curriculum

The Math 7 program supports the belief that students learn in different ways and must construct their own meaning of mathematics.  Students will be covering the 4 strands: number sense, patterns and relations, shape and space as well as statistics and probability, through a unit based program.  The units that are covered in Grade 7 are number relations, integers, linear relations and equations, measurement, 2D geometry, decimals, percent, fractions, circle graphs and statistics and probability.

Grade 7 Science Curriculum

At Mount Royal, the science program centers on hands-on student learning.  There are four foundations of science that students are exposed to within each of the units that are covered.  The four foundations are:

  1. Science, Technology and Society
  2. Knowledge
  3. Skills
  4. Attitudes

In Grade 7 the students cover Heat and Temperature, Structures and Forces, Planet Earth, Interactions and Ecosystems as well as Plants for Food and Fibre.

Students will be evaluated based on the following stems using a 4 point scale:


  • Understands mathematical concepts and relationships
  • Uses mathematical reasoning to analyze and solve problems
  • Explores and develops strategies for mental mathematics and estimation
  • Develops mathematical procedures and strategies for computation
  • Models, represents and communicates mathematical ideas


  • Understands and makes connections between concepts
  • Analyzes and solves problems through scientific reasoning
  • Develops skills for inquiry and communication
  • Explores scientific events and issues in society and the environment

Suggested Supply list – Grade 7 

The following is a list of supplies that are regularly used by students as well as other items that maybe helpful.

Binders (1 inch) for 4 core subjects

4 packages loose leaf paper (bring some the first day and leave the rest at home)



Pencil crayons


Calculator (basic)

Geometry set (compass with adjustable wheel)

Pencil sharpener

1 pair of scissors


Glue sticks

Tab dividers

Post-it notes

4 duotangs (for health and options)

Optional items

Package of graph paper



USB drive

*Often students run out of supplies mid-year, please check supplies every-so-often and restock as needed. Pencils are frequently needed!

Expectations for all Subjects:

All students are expected to:

  • Attend and be in class on time
  • Come to class prepared with all necessary materials
  • Show respect for self, others, and school community
  • Complete homework and assignments
  • Seek out extra help if needed
  • Be responsible for all textbooks assigned to them
  • Record homework before leaving school 
  • Check teacher blogs for homework and other key information
  • Have cell phones off and put away unless instructed by their teacher

Assignments and Homework:

  • All assignments are to be completed on the due date given unless prior arrangements were made with your teacher
  • If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to make up missed assignments and/or notes
  • Students are expected to prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes
  • Teachers are available to support students with homework and assignments if extra clarifications and understanding are needed

At Mount Royal Junior High School we believe it is essential that students respect themselves and others, the school environment, and our community.  We expect these ideas to be in full force in our classrooms.

We look forward to seeing you on September 20th, 2018 at Meet the Teacher evening.  

Parents, please review this information with your student.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 777-7980 or email your student’s Teacher Advisor.

My contact information is if you have any questions. 

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