Mrs. Lindsay Booth

Grade 9 Math / Science and Power-Up 

Welcome to the information page about Math/Science 9 and Power-up with Ms. Booth. 

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Ms. Booth's Resource Page: Click here

About the Courses:

Math 9:  Math 9 is a foundational math course for all junior high school students. This is a very busy course with many learning outcomes and is critical for success in all future math courses. Students are expected to stay on top of homework and review concepts daily in order to ensure maximum success. Students can use the links I post on my resource page that I've linked below, as well as Mathletics to practice foundational skills and topics covered in class. 

Science 9: Science affects virtually every aspect of our lives.  To make informed career choices for the rest of your lives, you will need to understand basic scientific principles, the nature of science itself—when and how it is useful, the scientific process, and the limitations of science.  You will also need to understand and form opinions about the balance of science and technology with political, social, economic, and ethical realities.  All of these will be emphasized and incorporated into the Science Nine program.

 The following units will be covered:

  • Biological Diversity (Social and Environmental Emphasis)
  • Matter and Chemical Change (Nature of Science Emphasis)
  • Environmental Chemistry (Social and Environmental Emphasis)
  • Electrical Principles and Technologies (Science and Technology Emphasis)
  • Space Exploration (Science and Technology Emphasis)


This option is intended to give students an opportunity to build their academic skills in all subjects, as well as facilitate their organization, goal setting, and study skills. Students will receive additional teacher support twice per week in any and all subject area work. The class will also integrate technology support, and two areas of focus will be typing practice and online research. Students are also required to bring a quiet reading book to each class. 

Again, please click here for Ms. Booth's resource page where you will find tools and resources for all subjects described above.

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A Remembrance Day mural done by our grade 9 art students