Ms. Rebecca Ulmer

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Teaching subjects:

-Grade 7 A/B English Language Arts

-Grade 7 A/B Social Science

-Grade 7-9 English Language Learners

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About the Courses:

English Language Arts 7

·       Program of studies

·       Units of study:  The five strands of language learning (reading, writing, listening, viewing and representing) will be addressed in the context of novel studies, poetry, short stories, as well as the current Social Studies topic.  Attention will also be given to language conventions, (grammar and spelling).

Students will be evaluated based on the following stems using a 4 point scale:

  • Reads to explore, construct and extend understanding
  • Writes to develop, organize and express information and ideas
  • Manages and evaluates information and ideas
  • Constructs meaning and makes connections through speaking
  • Constructs meaning and makes connections through listening
  • Represents ideas and creates understanding through a variety of media

Social Studies 7

Students will be evaluated based on the following stems using a 4 point scale:

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of citizenship and identity
  • Explores events and issues from different points of view
  • Demonstrates skills and processes for inquiry and research
  • Communicates ideas in an informed and persuasive manner

English Language Learners 

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