Sep 06
Welcome 2023-24

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to the new school year!! I am honoured to serve as your Principal and continue our journey towards student excellence and achievement. I am sure that this will be another exciting and rewarding school year. Over the past couple of years, I've witnessed remarkable efforts and genuine care by our school community to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone belongs.


I am truly excited to share the multitude of initiatives that lie ahead aimed at enhancing the student experience. The Enrichment Fridays will continue and provide students the chance to delve into their interests within a cross-disciplinary setting. Moreover, we've introduced the Indigenous/Humanities Connect class, where our teachers will immerse students in Indigenous perspectives, fostering an expanded worldview. This year, our Grade 3-6 students at MVS will have the unique opportunity to learn the French language from an expert French teacher, opening doors to linguistic exploration.


I extend my gratitude to the parent community for entrusting us with your child's education. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to cater to your child's educational requirements, fostering an environment of excellence. A warm welcome is extended to all newcomers to the Mount View school family. Together, we will cultivate an enriching learning environment for every student, allowing them to reach their highest potential.


Let's remember our school's core values: Responsibility, Empathy, Perseverance, and Cooperation. Upholding these values enables our school to flourish as an amazing community.

​I wish you all the best !!!



Tejinder Kang

Jun 29
Year End Message

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff, 

As we reach the end of another school year, I reflect on our incredible journey together and mark this year in the history books. I am delighted to say that it has been an incredible year filled with amazing learning opportunities for our students. We embarked on two major initiatives this year, namely the Enrichment Fridays, providing enriching opportunities for all students, and our commitment to embracing indigenous ways of knowing, fostering growth and learning together. I believe learning is a journey rather than a destination, and we will continue to evolve collectively to best serve our students. In our pursuit of educational excellence, we always uphold the core values of the CBE: "Students come first, Learning is our central purpose, and Public education serves the common good." These values guide us in providing the highest quality education and ensuring our students' well-being. 

Huge Thank you and my heartfelt appreciation to the staff at Mount View, who consistently bring their best to support our students and help them reach their full potential. This year, we had the privilege of offering outdoor learning opportunities through various field trips, and I would like to express my gratitude to the parent volunteers and parent council who made these experiences possible. Your dedication and support have truly made a difference. 

I am incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and commitment to embodying the MVS core values of perseverance, empathy, cooperation, and responsibility. Your achievements this year have been exceptional, and I commend each and every one of you. As we bid farewell to our grade 6 students and their families, who are moving on to new places and embarking on new adventures, I wish you all the best. To our new students joining us, I look forward to meeting you and embarking on this exciting journey together. 

Please know that we will be sending out back-to-school information during the week of August 28th. To ensure you receive all school-related messages, please make sure your email address is updated in the PowerSchool parent portal. 

I would like to leave you with the quote from Brene Brown’s book “Atlas of the Heart”. This quote serves as a gentle reminder to me and my family to embrace the essence of wonder and awe as we embark on our summer adventures.  

“Wonder inspires the wish to understand. Awe inspires the desire to let shine, to acknowledge and unite. Wonder ignites a desire to understand, to dive in, and learn more. It sparks curiosity, exploration, learning, growth, and may even give way to an adventurous spirit. Awe inspires humility and sacrifice, helping us fully embrace our humanity. Often, we feel waves of wonder and awe when immersed in nature, enthralled by an astounding work of art or incredible idea, or as a spiritual response.” 

May your summer be filled with awe, wonder, and gratitude. Have a restful and wonderful summer!!! 



Tejinder Kang ​

Mar 23
Spring is here

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As we approach the season of new beginnings, I want to take this chance to offer my heartfelt wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful spring break. This is a perfect time for to take a moment to appreciate the natural changes occurring around us and reflect on the positive transformations taking place in our lives.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all of our students, staff, and parents for their unwavering commitment to supporting Mount View's community as a safe, welcoming and excellent place to learn. Our remarkable students foster a culture of inclusivity and support, while our excellent teachers create a nurturing environment that prioritizes the joy of learning. Additionally, our volunteers and school council members have provided invaluable support, and their contributions have been instrumental in ensuring that our students receive the best education possible.

Moreover, I would like to celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved thus far and look forward to the upcoming events this year. Despite the global pandemic challenges of the past year, we have been able to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all our students, and our dedicated staff and teachers have been very thoughtful in creating extracurricular opportunities for students to interact socially beyond the classroom. From running club, intramurals, and Minecraft club, to girls' club, choir club, and winter concert, our students have been able to explore their interests beyond the core curriculum while discovering connections within it. Our recent Enrichment Celebration day - including Readers Theatre, Photography, Coding, Earth Rangers, Thinking and Tinkering, Poetry Café, and Drama Theatre, was a resounding success. We are excited to build upon this triumph with the upcoming second round of Enrichment and the highly-anticipated Spring Concert.

I owe a debt of gratitude to our devoted teachers, who tirelessly endeavour to meet the individual learning needs of each of our students while continuously enhancing their assessment and instructional practices. I encourage you to stay connected with your child's teacher for academic progress and regularly check PowerSchool for ongoing assessment results.

I am confident that with our collective effort, we will continue to create Mount View the best place to learn.

"Time and tide wait for no man, but the seasonal changes teach us the beauty of transformation and the power of adaptation." - Anurag Prakash Ray.


Have a wonderful spring break!!! 

With warm regards,

Tejinder Kang


Oct 14
October News

I am thrilled to share the new staffing update with you that we will now have an Assistant Principal as an addition to our Admin team at MVS. Ms. Allyson Heggie is the successful candidate for the position and will join us on October 11.


Welcome back to Mount View, Ms. Heggie  !!! Please read her letter of introduction below.


Dear Parents and Mount View School Community Members,


It is my pleasure and honour to introduce myself as Assistant Principal of Mount View School. I am extremely proud and excited to join this K-6 school community and to support our students and their families. This is the start of my 10th year in education. My career began in the Rocky View School Division as an elementary teacher. During that time, I taught grades 1 through 3, primarily. I was also the Department Head of Early Literacy and Literacy Development. My career grew and evolved as I joined the Calgary Board of Education 5 years ago and served as an elementary teacher at Mount View School. I am excited to be returning to such a wonderful community after a year away working in grade 9 Humanities and being the Literacy Lead Teacher for Fairview School.


Like you, I am a parent as well. My daughter, Ivy, has just begun her grade 1 year and my son, Felix, is in preschool. As I watch them beginning to discover themselves as learners, my empathy and excitement has grown. I hope that they find adults in their schools who care about them academically, emotionally and as human beings. One parent to another, I will make every effort to help your child reach their fullest potential and feel cared for.


I view education as a life-long process and I will continue to learn about best practices for the students of Mount View School. Most importantly, I bring a belief that students are at the centre of my work and because of that, I will bring my experience, openness to learn and child-centered approach to support our students. I look forward to learning the strengths that the students of Mount View have. Working together, we will continue to move the students of Mount View School through rich learning experiences to spark curiosity.


I believe that great schools are a result of great teachers, staff, parents, and community members. It is my goal to help grow our purposeful community through collective efficacy, communication, professional development, and collaboration with staff, and all community members, to continue to build and foster the tremendous culture embedded at Mount View School. I look forward to being a member of the administrative team and to working closely with you for the success of your child.


Thank you and I look forward to getting to know you better.



Ms. Allyson Heggie​

Aug 29
Welcome Back 2022-23

Dear Families,  

Welcome to our new families, and welcome back to those returning! I hope you and your children had a wonderful summer break and created some good memories together. We are looking forward to welcoming students on Thursday, September 1st. You will receive a detailed message from the classroom teacher tomorrow. Also, we are working on finalizing the class lists and if your child is affected by any teacher change, you will be notified by the teacher. 

Here are the details about meeting places for the first day:  

Teachers will be outside to greet students near their designated meeting spots at 8:15 am. The warning bell rings at 8:27 and teachers will move with students into their classrooms. 

  • Grade 6 (Mr. Lee) – Doors off the baseball diamond (South doors) 

  • Grade 5 (Mr. MacDonald) – Doors off the baseball diamond (South doors) 

  • Grade 4 (Ms. Ferridge) – Use the compound doors 

  • Grade 3 (Ms. Thompson) – Doors off the baseball diamond (South doors) 

  • Grade 2 (Ms. Brandt) –Use the compound doors 

  • Grade 1 (Ms. Lemieux) – Doors by the field (East doors) 

  • Grade ½ ( Ms. Mondegarian) – Use the compound doors 

  • LEAD (Ms. Ngo ) – Near the Main doors 

  • Kindergarten (Ms. Fournier) – Doors by the field (East doors). Kindergarten students will have staggered entry on the first day as follows: 

  • Last name A – H Group attends from 8:45 am – 10:00  

  • Last name J – Z Group attends from 10:15 am – 11:30 am 

Please note we have early dismissal on Fridays, and September 2nd will be our first early dismissal day. Friday hours are 8:30 am – 12: 40 pm, 8:30-11:11 for Kindergarten students. 

If you require any support on Thursday morning, please feel free to check in at the office or ask any staff member for help. 

Remember no school on Monday, September 5th – Labour Day.  

We look forward to a great school year!!! 


Tejinder Kang 

Principal ​

Jun 29
2022 Summer Message

Dear Mount View Families, 

Yes, the 2021-22 school year is in history books!! Thank you for the amazing school year. I would like to take this opportunity to share my sincere gratitude to Mount View School families and volunteers for their time in supporting student learning experiences and for being there whenever we call upon them. Special thanks to our School Council and HSA for their tremendous support throughout this year’s activities for sponsoring field trips, supporting us with technology, and volunteering their time to help with school events.  

I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated team of the Mount View School community for their hard work and genuine care to support each learner with their unique academic and social-emotional needs to be successful at school. Thank you again, as I am proud to be part of this brilliant team. 

Finally, a huge thank you to our students. Despite many challenges of learning and living through a global pandemic, they not only persevered through the changes but also became stronger as a result. I wish all the best to our grade 6 graduates in their journey to junior high school, we will miss you. I feel blessed and honoured to be your principal. Thank you.  

I look forward to seeing all of you and meeting the new students joining the MVS in the new school year. Until then, enjoy, laugh, and have fun with family and friends. 

I wish everyone a relaxing and restful summer!!! 


“With gratitude” 

Tejinder Kang 

Principal ​

Dec 17
Happy Holidays!

Dear MVS Parents, Guardian/Caregivers, 

Happy Holidays!!! 

We are soon getting close to adding the 2021-22 school year in history books. It has been a testing time for us here at home and globally as we are navigating and living through a global pandemic for almost 2 years. I would like to share my heartfelt gratitude to the student, staff, and parents to be resilient in the face of these challenging times. We learned, grew, and worked together as a community to adapt and be flexible when needed and sure we are stronger together.  

I am incredibly grateful to the school council and their support and making every seasonal event a wonderful experience for studentsI look forward to strengthening our relationship in supporting student learning. 

I hope you take some ti​me to pause, reflect and cherish moments with your families and friends. Have an amazing winter break!!!  ​

Tejinder Kang

Principal, Mount View School

Sep 03
Welcome Back

Welcome back to the new school year 2021-22!!! I hope you all had good and safe summer break and your child is ready and enthusiastic to come back to school. As a new Principal at MVS, I am looking forward to know you and your child to best support their learning and well being at school. Our school is looking wonderful with fresh painted doors and walls and students will love to see their choice of color and murals in the entrance hallway.

As a parent, I know you are looking for information about start up, school guidelines and procedures to help your child prepare for the school. I will be providing you with detail message about the kindergarten and 1-6 school guidelines and entry plan soon in this week. Please refer here 2021-22-school-re-entry-information for the message sent by the CBE last week regarding few items about COVID guidelines, health measures to keep our students and school community safe and healthy. Here is the brief summary of the COVID guideline from the message:

After careful consideration, taking into account increases in COVID-19 cases and the vaccination rates for youth aged 12-19 in the City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education will mandate masking indoors for all staff and kindergarten to Grade 12 students for the start of the 2021-22 school year.  

Existing mask guidance, including exemptions, will be applied in the same manner as occurred during the previous school year. We are currently updating this guidance document and will provide details later in August. 

In addition, students, staff and families can expect the following health measures to be in place when classes resume in all schools on Sept. 1:

  • Students and staff will still be expected to use the daily checklist to identify if they should attend or stay home
  • Staying home when sick – students and staff who present with COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home until symptoms resolve
  • Proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high traffic/touch areas
  • Enhanced ventilation in schools
  • Classroom cohorts in kindergarten to Grade 6
  • No unscheduled visitors, volunteers or external partners will be permitted in schools at the start of the school year
  • Public use or rentals of school facilities outside of school hours will be limited until January 2022

Some health restrictions will be lifted, including:

  • At the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, schools will no longer inform close contacts of positive cases, but additional health measures may be implemented as the COVID-19 situation evolves, or if outbreaks occur
  • Lockers and change rooms can be used
  • Band and sports activities can proceed
  • Limited off-site activities will be allowed
  • Schools can be occupied for evening and weekend school activities


Also, CBE has opened a choice to register your child for online learning option for the 2021-22 school year. Please refer here Registration-re-opened-for-cbe-learn for the further details about the online option.

Please visit our school website for all the information regarding school re-entry plans and school specific guidelines in coming weeks. Our school office will re-open on August 27th for phone calls until then please feel free to reach me via email for any further questions and clarifications.

I strongly believe together as MVS community we will be able to create safe and welcoming environment for our students and staff and will have an amazing 2021-22 school year. 


Tejinder Kang

Jun 25
Endings and Beginnings

Well here we are!  The final Friday Messenger of the 2020-21 school year!  I write this message to thank each and every one of you for the support you have provided your child as a learner this year through extremely challenging times.  As we know with every ending comes new beginnings!  We celebrated our K graduation into “big kid school" yesterday with a beautiful ceremony that was recorded for the Kindergarten families to access. And in the afternoon, the whole school and our Gr. 6 families participated in a virtual Farewell to see this incredible group of leaders off on their journey into junior high.  Both groups are so well prepared for what comes next for them, and we all wish them the very best success with their transitions in the fall. 

Our school is seeing new beginnings as well with that fantastic new coat of paint going up in the interior halls and offices that we hope will play up our Mount View mountain brand of Climbing to Higher Heights: Every Step Counts.  Many of our staff members will be returning but some may be changing grade groupings depending on how our registration looks in the fall.  As you know, we are sometimes adjusting classes right through September, although we always hope not to have too many surprises. 

Some of our staff, like our K's and 6's are also off on new adventures!  We congratulate Ms. Oppenheim and her husband on their soon to arrive baby!  Ms. Oppenheim will be spending next year celebrating her new beginning as a mom—the most important job of them all!  

We'd also like to congratulate Ms. Heggie, as she was the successful applicant over at Fairview Middle School, and she will be taking on a whole new beginning with the “really big kids" as a Gr. 8 Humanities teacher. We know that the students will benefit from the incredible skills, understanding and knowledge that Ms. Heggie has honed in her elementary teaching years.   

I have also had a surprise beginning this week when I was offered an opportunity to return to my home province of BC as a principal in the Invermere area.  I have loved every minute working with the community of Mount View and it is very hard to be leaving such an incredible group of kind students, caring parents and committed staff. However, I know that as I was welcomed with open arms and warmth, so will the next lucky principal who will learn and grow with the MVS community.  I have many ties to Calgary, so I know I will be back to visit, and I hope I can poke my head in to see how the paint job looks, to see how those K's are doing as Gr. 1 leaders, and to see how all of the students have embraced the maturity that creeps in with every new school year.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your community with me.  

Thank You! 

"It was June and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside."

Maud Hart Lovelace​

Jun 03
Letter to the Community

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


In keeping with our commitment to partner with you on matters of importance, I am writing to advise you of an important discussion that is being held with students throughout the week.  The recent news of the tragic discovery of the burial site at The Kamloops Residential School prompted questions by students and provided an opportunity to help students understand the issues and build compassion for one another.  


Mount View School students will be/have been given an opportunity to discuss and explore issues connected to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, and provided opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and reactions.   These discussions may have included understanding the significance of National Indigenous History month, flags being flown at half-mast across the country and Orange Shirt Day, depending on grade. As a school committed to teaching care and compassion, the students were able to discuss what actions they could take in support of the children, families and communities suffering this tragedy. 


Throughout the coming month, we encourage you to answer your child's questions in an open and honest manner and within the context of your families' beliefs and values.  As a school, and a member of the larger Calgary Board of Education community, we are committed to fostering a safe, caring, and welcoming learning environment for all students.  We are also committed to acknowledging and supporting the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action for a better Canada for all of us.


Please contact the main office at 403-777-6300, if you have any questions regarding these conversations, or if you or your family require any additional supports.



Teresa Vancise​

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